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  5. "Det er kattenes mat."

"Det er kattenes mat."

Translation:It is the food of the cats.

November 11, 2015



There should be an apostrophe. The cats' food.


Didn't they repair it? I've already written the report, and I hope somebody will check it. :(


We're aware of the issue and have passed it on to the developers.


It still isn't fixed...


We don't need to be told five times; we're painfully aware.

The only answer we've had from the devs is that they won't prioritise this bug because it still lets you pass with a typo.


still not fixed


Still not fixed.


Tell the developers that if so many people are complaining, then the bug's priority rises. Devs should read these comments.


They probably have more important issues to deal with. Keep in mind that there are many languages for english speakers, and then even more for other speakers to learn the same languages. There are probably way more bugs in total than any of us encounter, because they have to deal with all of the bugs from all of the programs... We just have to be patient and hope they fix it at some point! :)


Why we put the aposrophe after the cats' not after the s like cat's


Because we're talking about plural cats.


Thanks for your many helpful and lucid contributions here!


Bare hyggelig, Rob! Best of luck in your Norwegian studies. :)


If plural then cats', if it is one cat then it is cat's


If you have issues with the plural possessive being graded incorrectly in this sentence, or are being shown a possessive without the required apostrophe as a recommended answer, please take a screenshot and make a thread about it in the Troubleshooting forum and/or report it as a bug.

Remember to make it clear that this is a recurring issue affecting all plural possessives, and not just a case of a missing accepted translation.

We made the developers aware of this issue over a year ago, but new features keep getting priority over bug fixes. Perhaps a little more user attention in channels they actually read might do the trick.


What do they read?


It is the food of the cats? Whut


Agreed, it's a very awkward translation. I assume it's because originally, Duolingo was having a lot of [technical] problems with apostrophes (read all the posts here). This translation may have been a way to avoid those problems. Most English speakers would say "It is the cats' food".


How would one say this is in singular, i.e. 'It is the cat's food.'?


"Det er kattens mat."


Ah, of course. That looks very familiar indeed. Tusen takk!


Bare hyggelig!


Why does it say "Almost there" And correct me cats' -> cats then it gives "another solution" as cats' ?


It's a bug.


I now am marked correct for "That is the cats' food", so it looks like the plural possessive issue is fixed :^)


If there were non-definite "cats", how would it look like? "Det er katters mat"?


In English we would likely just say "It is cat food", such that "cat" becomes an adjective. I suppose it would be correct to say "It is cats' food", but that would be less common. I am just learning Norwegian here, so I'm no expert, but Google Translate suggests that you can similarly form an adjective by using "kattemat". So "Det er kattemat" is equivalent to "It is cat food". I'm not so sure about the equivalent of "It is cats' food". I like your idea of "Det er katters mat". Maybe a native speaker can help out?


The answer id not have cats' as a choice, so "It is the food of the cats" was the only way to express the possessive. Although tecnically correct, it is awkward English.


The translation I see is "It is the food of the cats" but "It is the cats' food" seems more appropriate


No apostrophe where there should be one for cat's


Where is apostrophe huh?


Not exactly sure what you're asking, but there is no apostrophe in the phrase "the food of the cats", while there is an apostrophe in the equivalent phrase "the cats' food".


Why can't this be: "It is the cat's food"?


Kattenes is plural, so you'd have to say cats', not cat's.

the cat's food = kattens mat

the cats' food = kattenes mat


Cats' instead of cats...


it is still not fixed


in an other item food of the cats was wrong and was told it should be "cat's food"


kattenes = the cats' (plural possessive)

kattens = the cat's (singular possessive)

'Food of the cats' is not a typical form in modern English (not incorrect, just old-fashioned) - as someone observed elsewhere in the thread, I assume they changed it due to the problems Duo used to have with recognising apostrophes.


nope. not english. "It is the cat's food" is acceptable.


I am guetting discouraged. I will never learn to speak if I dont hear the norvegian sound


apostraphe is missing


Did ya hear that doggie? It's the cat's food fur crying out loud!


Same report has before. This is still not fixed. kattenes is a singular word and therefore cat is meant to be a singular word, which does not finish with S. This way the correct statement should be '...cat's..' and not '...cats'... - ref Oxford Dictionary.


"Kattenes" is the plural genitive form; "kattens" is the singular. - ref. Linn


so for singular i use s and for plural form of possesiv i use es in general?

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