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  5. "Son utilisation est simple."

"Son utilisation est simple."

Translation:Its use is simple.

January 8, 2013



Why not "His use is simple"?


Maybe DL thinks only things and not persons should be used.


utilisation is feminine, why is it not sa utilisation est simple.


When the noun begins with a vowel, "son" is used regardless of gender just because it sounds better. (This is a bit like using "an" instead of "a" in English if you forget about the gender aspect.)


ah nice, remember learning this before, thanks!


Thanks for answering-- and thanks for asking, erly4450. I could hear the "son" and got it right but it was bothering me until I looked at the discussion :)


Shouldn't English speakers from the UK be able to write 'utilisation'? I was given a wrong answer for using British spelling!

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UK and US spelling variations are always accepted even though only one "answer" will be displayed above. If the UK spelling is ever rejected, please report it and it will be fixed as soon as possible.


Of course you are right, but do we (English) ever say "utilisation" anyway? - it seems a very long winded way of saying "use" or "usage". I remember once an american driver asked me directions in London : I said "spin at the light", and he said, "do you mean: take a One Eighty at the intersection?". It is our nature to be monosyllabic and in theirs to be polysyllabic.


'one-eighty' ? isn't that going in straight line?
or did you mean making a 'U-turn' ?


180 is a U turn. 360 is going in the same direction after spinning around once. However, I have no idea what "spin at the lights" means. It sounds like doing a burn-out (spinning the drive wheels with the brakes on so the car doesn't move, but instead produces smoking rubber and marks on the road).


If you turn 180 degrees you turn around, thereby taking a u-turn


Why not "it is simple to use"

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It means the same thing but is a paraphrase, not a translation. I.e., you have changed the subject from "its use" to "it".


"It is easy to use" is now accepted. I like it better than "its utilization..." Which is a bit heavy.

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I agree that "easy" feels nice but it is not a good translation of FR "simple": simple, straightforward, plain, unaffected, unpretentious. EN "easy" = FR "facile".


It didn't accept this from me today (December 2018)


what about it is simple to use? Much more idiomatic!


You are not expected to give idiomatic translations when the sentence is not an idiom.

simple = simple

easy = facile


Thank you, as ever, for your excellent help on these pages. However, I should say that "Its use is simple" is not very good English, whereas "It is simple to use" is much more natural. I think there may be a thin line here between 'idiomatic' and 'accurate to the language to which you're translating'. Thank you again, with gratitude and respect.


There are always various ways to say things in every language and you are learning various ways of saying that "it is simple to use". You are learning the noun "une utilisation", which translates to "use" or "utilization", as nouns as well.

You may find "c'est simple à utiliser" or "il/elle est simple à utiliser" in this course, and it will then be the right time to translate it to "it is simple to use". Eventually, you will know two French ways of saying this.


If we are translating from french how would we know if it's idiomatic or not? It seems safe to assume the translation in English would be something someone would likely say, instead of "its use is simple" which seems very awkward.


How to use son as its? Why not his or hers?


You may not "utilize/use" people.


Is this a French grammatical rule? How would you express "to use someone" as we do in English?


In the absence of an antecedent context to this sentence: HOW is the responder to know that "son" is "its" ? "His use is simple" is incorrect. Please help me understand THIS one, Duo!


It is a matter of people vs things. You use things, you don't use people (you shouldn't anyway).


I did say "His use is simple", his use of "whatever".....this should work,I think....I will report it.

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Context plays a much bigger part in translation than we often give credit for. What context, you ask? Here is it only the idea of something being "used". Go for the more natural expression of what it is that gets used, i.e., a thing, not a person.


Why not "its use is straightforward"?

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Nothing at all; it is now accepted.


Why son? I don't understand


son is a possessive pronoun here, meaning its or his or her. It is used with a masculine noun Son nom est Dupont or a feminine noun starting by a vowel Son idée est géniale


Should be it's but DL does not known the Queen's english


"its" is possessive

"it's" is the contraction of "it is".

I think the Queen knows the difference.


What's the problem with "it's easy to use"?


That would back translate to c'est facile à utiliser


Wont let me type in french despite using english characters


All of a sudden i am no longer being given the chance to practice speaking French. Is there a setting i can not find?


Why not "it is simple to use"?


I put 'it's easy to use' but this was wrong?


Its use is simple is bad English. It's simple to use is better & was not accepted

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