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Russian fluency percentages

I have notice that all of the other languages come with a fluency card that tells you what percentage of fluency you are in. However, i did not notice one in the Russian course at all. Can somebody please help!! Thanks!

November 11, 2015



They haven't added it for courses made through the incubator, and personally I hope they don't. It's not accurate at all.


Yes, please add it!


hope its added gives me motivation


it is in beta...


I'm actually looking forward to seeing the fluency percentage indicator on Russian. I agree that it's not an indicator of a person's true fluency of the language. But I think it is an excellent indicator of how well you have mastered the material offered in the course. And it is a MUCH better indicator than any of the others like level, number of days streak, or even lingots, which really only measure how much time you spend doing the exercises, not really how well you know the material. I hope they keep the fluency indicators, and that they add it to Russian soon.


On my app, it was recently added on my Russian program, but it is at 0%. I'm guessing it will soon actually work... But it still doesn't appear anywhere when I use the website. Just the app.

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