"Я думаю о Европе."

Translation:I think about Europe.

November 11, 2015

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Should it be "о Европе" or "об Европе" or does it really matter?


It is the same as in "a unit" (not an unit). Even though "unit" starts from a vowel letter, the first sound is consonant.


I think because it's pronounced yevrope that you use "o"


Before a noun beginning with a vowel (except e, я, and ю), об is used instead of o.
Edit: It depends on sound like olimo and Theron126 said. :)


It doesn't before these vowels because they actually start with a consonant й sound. Therefore I don't think it would become об before ё or probably и.


Everyone asks where is Europe but not how is Europe((


Prepositional/locative. The preposition "o" which means "about" needs to take the prepositional case.


Why is this О pronounced as А in sentence audio but as О in single word click? Glitch?


It is pronounced as a schwa sound, an indeterminate vowel. Moscow accent sides with 'a', Arkhangelsk accent tends to result with a sound closer to 'o'.


How do you say "I think about you"?


Я думаю о тебе (inf). or. Я думаю о вас (formal).

This is the prepositional or locative case:

Here are all the forms:

обо мне. about me о тебе about you о нём about him о ней about her о нём about it о нас about us о вас about you о них about them O means about. Use the form об when the next word starts with a vowel. Use обо only with мне.


You are now thinking about europe


I wonder about Europe?


Me too. But I'm fairly certain that it's not an accurate translation of думаю.


This sentece could be pragmatically wierd. There need to be a specific context if this sentence could be used. I think it's same for english sentence 'I think about Europe' is also same.


The audio seems very strange, like "Я думаю до Европе" (5/26/2018), although the problem disappears when pronounced slowly, word for word. Almost like a bit of computer noise sounding like a Д sound?


Hey duo, can you start teaching us about another region e.g казахстан, сибирь, южно корее etc?

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