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  5. "Утка - это птица."

"Утка - это птица."

Translation:A duck is a bird.

November 11, 2015



What purpose does "это" serve here? The correction translation is "A duck is a bird." Couldn't this simply be translated from "уткa птица"? My proposed translation of "This duck is a bird" was incorrect.


"A duck, it's a bird," Утка это птица, as opposed to, "A duck is a bird," Утка - птица. The am/is/are [есть] are omitted in Russian and frequently replaced with a dash (--) in written Russian.

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    This is hard for us that dont speak english as first language. I got this wrong twice because i put "duck is a bird " instead of "A duck..."


    That's right, it is a bit hard for English-learners. But the rule is very straightforward. For the most part, a singular noun is never alone in English. If it doesn't have a noun determiner "this, that, one, any, some, no," then it needs an article "a, an, the." If you follow this rule, you can't go wrong, except for uncountable nouns like water, sand, mud, gold, food, wood,, etc. They can be alone, without noun determiner or article.


    Just for everyoneʼs information, “articles” are just a subset of “determiners” and they include “a”, “an”, and “the”. The rule of thumb is that countable nouns always need determiners of some sort unless they are plural. There are a few corner cases where that isnʼt true, but itʼs much easier to be told that you donʼt need a determiner in this specific case instead of being told you need a determiner in all of these cases.


    Thanks! :} I'll keep that in mind


    English requires an article "a duck is a bird" or "the duck is a bird". Also for this sentence "ducks are birds" which lacks the indefinite article "a" because ducks is plural.


    mesma coisa aqui :/


    It's almost impossible for a beginner to give the right answer here. That "это" is there just to confuse us.


    It's a little confusing, but it is correct Russian. It's like talking about birds, you say, "A duck, THAT'S a bird"


    Ducks, man... now THOSE are birds!


    Typing duck so many times is undoing years of fighting with my auto correct.


    When the female voice reads it I can hear птица, but when the male voice reads it, it becomes a pizza for me


    I heard a duck is a пицца


    The pronunciation of the это here sounds like эта. Should that be more accurate or is that just fine?

    [deactivated user]

      This is the correct pronunciation. О and а are only distinguished when they are stressed. In «э́то», «э» is stressed (and not «о»). If you pronounce «о» in a 'more accurate' way, this would come off as something dialectal.

      Pronouncing unstressed «о» as «о» is called «о́канье».

      Such pronunciation is imitated in Alla Pugacheva's song «Посидим, поокаем» '[Let's] sit down and talk, pronouncing unstressed «о» as «о»'. The song is about a girl who invites a guy to a date and dreams about seeing him, but he never comes. In this song, the suggestion to pronounce «о» as «о» probably indicates they could have an informal conversation, not trying to speak in a 'standard', 'correct way'.

      A bench with the name of this song was istalled was installed in Vologda, where a dialect with «о́канье» is traditionally spoken:

      A bench with the text «Посидим, поокаем» in Vologda

      However, standard Russian is based on the Moscow and Saint Petersburg pronunciation, where unstressed «о» is pronounced as «а» (a reduced «а», actually; but the reduction is optional). Pronouncing unstressed «о» as «а» is called «а́канье», and this is the standard pronunciation.


      Thanks a ton for your help!!! :-}


      can't we say "This duck is a bird" ?


      That would be: Эта утка - птица.
      With a little phantasy, there are contexts for every sentence possible. Imagine children making duck sounds. And then a real duck joins in and someone says: "This duck is a bird." ;o)


      Any duck is a bird, not only this))


      утка is the first russian word i learned


      Duo is great - I'm learning biology and Russian at the same time!


      "The " မရဘူးလား


      Why "это" is here. Even without it "утка птица" = a duck is a bird. What we learnt so far.


      "Это" is one of translations of "to be". "A duck is a bird" = "Утка - это птица", "Утка - птица", "Утка является птицей".


      I hope im not the only person who heard птица as пицца...

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