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  5. "Ти знала це?"

"Ти знала це?"

Translation:Did you know this?

November 11, 2015



How would you say: Did you know that


Literally translating would be "Ти знала те?" but it sounds weird, apparently we don't say that.

Both sound fine in case of "about that": Ти знала про це/те?


Does that mean that "Did you know that" also should be accepted as a correct answer for the sentence "Ти знала це?"


Is the situation similar to Russian это/то so це "means" "this" and те means "that," but in practice те is used significantly less often than "that"? E.g. to introduce explicit contrast between це thing and те thing?


"Те" means "that" as an adjective-pronoun (tell me the real linguistic term) for neuter nouns. As in, going together with "той" and "та". E.g. те сонце = that sun

However, the equivalent of "that" in terms of noun-pronoun (again, my term) would be not "те" but "то". Going together with "це". E.g. Що це таке? = What is this? Що то таке? = What is that? Це моя чашка, а то — твоя. = This is my cup and that [one] is yours.

I'd say it's used a bit more rarely, but only because we talk more about things that are close to us xD If it is really something far and I'm pointing I would seldom say "це", that thing over there is definitely "то".


I think the terms are demonstrative adjective vs. demonstrative pronoun [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demonstrative where you get the fancy term "deictic" as a sort of bonus :) ]

I wouldn't have guessed it was the adjective version here! [although maybe I should have, "ты знала об этом" being perfectly natural Russian]

Just to double check, I take it you wouldn't say "Ти знала то?" either, right?


Wow, really good point.

"Did you know about this/that?" --> Ти знала про це? Really seldom "Ти знала про те?".

"Did you know this/that?" --> Ти це знала? I would prefer this word order. Virtually never "Ти те знала", a bit strange.

In English "this" and "that" sound natural, but for us I guess the logic is, if you're talking about it, it's a this, cause it's here in our discussion, and not somewhere there xD

P.S. Really cool I'm realizing only now that in Russian there's basically only "это" for this type of sentences! Even if the thing is far from you, you still say "Что это такое?" and not "Что то такое?" Nice :)


Ahaha and look here, I just told you "то" goes in a pair with "це", and it IS true, Що це таке? Що то таке?

However, it's "Ти про те знала?" and not "Ти про то знала"! :) Although I'm sure the second one could also be regional, I say the first one.


You knew this? -OK?


I think it should be accepted.


Did you know this


Do you know this

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