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Strengthen skills stuck?

For the past 3 days, Duo has been strengthening "Dónde?" and "el léon".... Having finished the tree a year ago, and considering its been gold 99% of the time since, I'd like to get past them!

It usually will rotate through different skills and words, and I get that it's going to reinforce the simple things occasionally, but now it's stuck. :(. BTW, they do show as strong and recent under Words, and there are plenty of weak ones to cover....

Not getting much out of Duo like this, and hope someone can identify and fix the problem soon!

November 11, 2015


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Duolingo, please fix this!


Hello, actually I have exactly the same issue. This functionality doesn't seem to work well anymore as the module never get validated once done (actually sometimes it does, but very rarely). If there is any fix available, I would be happy to hear. Best,


Same thing is happening to me. No chance for advancement to another level...I guess you get what you pay for-as usual


Time to learn German somewhere else


I did some lessons by picking some interesting ones at the bottom of the trip, maybe 5 or so... Went back to strengthen skills...



Well, seems it may be fixed! Only saw "Dónde" once!

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