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  5. "Here are the cats."

"Here are the cats."

Translation:Вот кошки.

November 11, 2015



Why is "Здесь коты" not correct?


Because вот means "here is" (when you're presenting/announcing something) and здесь/тут means that something/someone is here.


The english phrase can be taken either way tho, "here are the cats" like they're being presented or "here are the cats" like here they are I found them.


спасиво, your answer was really clear


что за бред вы несете


Does it mean if I point with my finger on the globe (like I'm learning geography) and say вот Россия; or e.g. saying to my friends when they come over здесь кошка like у нас есть кошка, like "we have cat, she lives here but it's hiding somewhere"? Is it like that or .... I do not understand the point? Can you give me some advice?


вот здесь should be accepted, as well as коты


Why not вот эти кошки?


That's "here are these cats"


Is коты more formal like "cats" and кошки more like "kitties" (diminutive, informal, familiar)?


Кот is specifically a tomcat. Коты would only be used when you know that all the cats are male. Кошка/кошки is what you use generally, when the gender of the cat(s) is unknown, irrelevant, mixed or they are female.


I think that кот is a male cat and кошка is a female cat, both singular; so коты are male (plural) and кошки female (plural). That is how I understand it, but Russian is not my mother tongue so I might mistaken - so in that case I apologise. Have a nice day and have fun by learning.


I dont understand why it wouldnt be вот ето кошки instead of вот и кошки which theyre saying


You can't say это кошки. That translates to "here this is cats".


I do not think вот и кошки makes sense


It doesn't make sense in english because of the phrase. It makes sense in Russian. It would translate more like... if someone wanted to see the cats and you took them over and presented "and here are the cats (that we were talking about)." However this absolutely isn't the most direct translation and should be used in such an early stage of learning without context.


"Now gimme the good stuff."


Why is кошки тут wrong?


Why is not correct 'кошки здесь'?


Кошки вот здесь isnt correct?


Здесь кошки should be acceptable as from the text given it is impossable to determine if the speaker is saying akin to..? Here is the dog and "here are the cats." Or saying "here are the cats" as in I've been looking all over for them.

In spoken English it's emphasized but written you just can't tell.

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