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  5. "Вам пришло два сообщения."

"Вам пришло два сообщения."

Translation:You got two messages.

November 11, 2015



We not "Two messages arrived for you"?


That's exactly what I said too.


I had "two messages came for you", rejected also. Not that salty about it though because in modern day, likely you're talking about fb messages and not some horseback squire with a scroll.


It was accepted today 10 October 2019


Reporting again, 3 years later. 6 Feb 2019


Accepted now


Why пришло and not пришли? Two messages...


Numbers are considered "neuter." Think of it as "two of the message is." The word сообщения here is in the singular genitive form. In fact, ALL numbers take the verb in the form of singular neuter EXCEPT 1 and those ending in digit 1 BUT excluding 11 (31, 41).


So if it were a larger number using the gen. pl., would it then be прошли?


Quite some days ago I reported two things:

1) "you received two messages" should be accepted

2) one of the "correct" answers is incorrect, it says "you receiver two messages"

Is there some problem with the reporting system?


It always takes time for the moderators to review the feedback they get from the reporting system.


"You got two messages" was the only sentence suggested that was grammatically correct. It was marked right. "Got" is a terrible English word, and not really appropriate for "пришло," in my opinion. "Got" works in English, I suppose, but would translate better as "received" - получил. Пришло should be "arrived."


Purists might dislike ' got ', but it's perfectly grammatical and widely used. What's more I'd far rather use an honest Anglo-Saxon monosyllable like ' got ' than a mealy-mouthed Latin obfuscation like ' recieved '. ' I got your message. ' ' I am in receipt of your missive. '


The problem is that got and received do not mean the same thing. I walked over there and got 2 books is very different from I received 2 books.


Should it not be "You have got" or "You've got" to be grammatically correct? Even though it's not possible here.


? "You got" is past tense in standard English. Colloquially in North America it is also present tense possession, but that's a linguistic register below where Duolingo trods (although it's extremely widely used).

"You have got" / "You've got" is for all intents and purposes present tense possession in North America, although I think it still maintains its etymological present perfect meaning in the UK.


depends what you call standard English


Since when is 'you got' standard English? And it is treads or trod not trods.


I think it is better to say "You have received"...


That is now accepted.


So is Вам пришли два сообщения considered wrong then?


How do you say ' Yesterday you got seven messages ' ?


Вчера вам пришло семь сообщений.


Пришло is often used here. So would пришли be an error, or is either OK.


Ok. For 2-3-4 you can use both.


I think there is something odd going on here - the apparent subject of the sentence is два сообщения, which is a plural, even though сообщения = "messages" is genitive singular.

The fact that пришло is neuter singular indicates to me that there is a "dummy" and omitted subject in this sentence: "it" or "there" = "It/There arrived for you two messages."

If, as Alexmalaho say, you can use either Пришло or Пришли, changing the verb form would indicate a change in the subject: the subject of the plural verb would be "two messages", and there would be no dummy, omitted subject.

Trying to figure this sentence out in terms of the rules for structuring numbers of things in Russian just doesn't work. The subject for Duo's sentence has to be some dummy subject, "It has arrived for you two messages".

Using a plural verb is much more direct and makes more sense from an English-speaking point of view, but I've looked at other sources, and the singular verb Пришло seems to be an idiom which may be preferred, even if the plural verb Пришли would be accepted and easily understood.


How about for 5?


So following up on what Zkamin says above, if we get 1 or 21 books, the verb would be prishla (feminine)? (Don't have a Cyrillic keyboard on this computer. Sorry.) Vam prishla 21 kniga.


"You received two messages" is also accepted.


"You have two messages" - think of an answering machine. What do you think?


We can not expect the moderators accept all sort of similar sentences. That is too much for a free language teaching site.:)


This was my guess too. "To play the messages, press 1." Is that how a Russian voice mail system greets you?


The sentence is correct without the preposition "К" before the prounoun "вам"?


"Two messages were sent to you"


I wrote the correct sentence, you got two massages, and still marked wrong... I am in a loop here...


Sorry, the word is "messages". "Massages" are different, you know, like a back rub.


Is it wrong to say "you received"


In the same lecture, "to receive" was translated by "получи́ть". So, what is the difference between "Вам пришло два сообщения." and "Вы получили два сообщения." ???


Whithout delving too deeply, they're interchangeable.


Здесь написано: вы получили два сообщения


Is this the sort of message one gets on their phone?


You got two messages marked wrong. BS


Isn't Получил received? Is it the same as пришло?


"You got two messages" is appalling English in England, says my wife - and she is always right, or thinks she is!


Why сообщения sounds like сообщение? Is it correct?


Correct. It's a long word and the ending is toned down so you can hear Е at the end


Вам пришло два сообщения not equal Вы получили два сообщения This translation equals Вы получили два сообщения


Для меня нет разницы, совсем.


Would "для вас пришло два сообщения" have the same meaning here? Or does the act of receiving the messages require the dative for the recipient?


Is it such a bad English to translate maintaining the original syntax as ayahav, me and many others did ? We are not here to learn correct English, but Russian.


please can someone tell me which tense or aspect of tense пришло is. And why? So far we've not had enough teaching of tenses and aspects


Both are ok, пришло or пришли. I'm not sure but пришло refers to several, some messages it doesn't matter how many. Пришли as you know plural, many messages. It really doesn't make any difference. Пришло is more common.


"Пришло" is the verb "прийти" in the past tense, singular, neuter. As Alexmalaho said, in this case both singular neuter or plural form ("пришли") can be used. The neuter form is possible because technically in Russian the subject of the sentence is "two" not "messages". "Two" is a numeral, not a noun. When the subject is not a noun, it's usually treated as if it was a singular neuter noun. However from a different point of view the focus is on the messages and there are more than one, so using the plural form is also correct. It's mostly a question of preference.


You are agree that пришло is the past of прийти like пришёл what means to come. So, two meanings for this verb? To come and to get?


In Russian, the past tense form of the verb changes depending on the gender & number of the subject noun. So: he came = он пришёл (masculine, singular subject) // she came = она пришла (feminine, singular subject) // it came = оно пришло (neuter, singular subject) // they came = они пришли (plural subject)

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