"Thank you!"


November 11, 2015



When would I use this instead of 'спасибо'?

December 15, 2015


Спасибо is informal, and Благодарю is formal, I believe.

December 16, 2015

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VERY formal apparently, I've never heard it in one month in Russia. Спасибо большое is quite fine for a very polite "Thank you very much".

March 6, 2016


I think I've seen somewhere that the difference is that Спасибо means "thank you" and Благодарю "I thank you"

December 17, 2015


Спасибо - можно использовать в любом случае. Большое спасибо - то же самое, но в этом случае вы очень признательны. Благодарю - это более старая форма спасибо, её уже не используют

June 4, 2017



January 24, 2018


I was told that спасибо means "Thanks", while Благодарю more closely means means "I am grateful" so you normally see Благодарю вас : I am grateful to you. Спасибо большое would be like "thanks a lot, or thank you so much"

June 27, 2017


I almost chose 'tak'... Not so smart learning norwegian at the same time. Good one though. :)

February 1, 2016


Ha, jeg hadde det problemet også

April 14, 2017


Im finding it helps ne learning more than language at the same time. Helps the memory when you can make connections

August 15, 2018


The pronounciation of this word by the Duolingo App is really bad. Also спасибо is used much more, they should use that instead

March 9, 2016


[ спасибо · grammatically is a particle ]

[ благодарю · grammatically is a verb conjugation, 1st person ]

спасибо = thanks l etymological contraction: May God save you / your life: спаси = save + Бог = God ] · [ Спаситель = Savior ]

благодарить/поблагодарить · literally / etymologically: to give / bestow a blessing · https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Благо [ Благо = Bless + Дарить = Bestow | Дар = Gift ] [ Божье благословение = God's Blessing ]

[ Я благодарю вас всех от всего сердца. · I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. · http://context.reverso.net/перевод/русский-английский/благодарю+вас ]

[ Спасибо всем вам. · thanks to you all. · http://context.reverso.net/перевод/русский-английский/спасибо ]

Благослови душе моя · Bless my soul · www.youtube.com/watch?v=c9Q0bBls6_0

August 5, 2018


I tend to think that App uses free text-to-speech API, thus it is always best to check up the transcriptions manually if you are not sure about something, if something sounds odd or way off, or just out of curiosity!

June 18, 2017


why is it spelled spasibo when its pronounced spasiba?

February 1, 2016

[deactivated user]

    «Спаси́бо» comes from «спаси бог» (~let the God save [you]), so we write «о» according to the etymology.

    February 2, 2016


    Similar to English, spoken Russian blurs vowel sounds. In English a lot of different vowels come out sounding like "uh," which is called the "schwa" sound. Quick description here that I copied from the internet:

    The schwa is the vowel sound in many lightly pronounced unaccented syllables in words of more than one syllable. It is sometimes signified by the pronunciation "uh" or symbolized by an upside-down rotated e. A schwa sound can be represented by any vowel.

    From what I've heard and seen so far on Duo, there are other Russian vowels which, in words of more than one syllable, change their sound, sometimes due to the sounds around them, sometimes due to being unaccented syllables, sometimes due to factors I don't know about yet ...

    February 1, 2016


    In English an ending o is often a long o sound as in "go", while in Russian it is a short o sound as in "pot".

    March 2, 2016


    Also, the russian о is mostly pronounced as ah

    July 27, 2017

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    I can't make out from the audio where the stress falls...

    November 11, 2015

    [deactivated user]

      On the last syllable: Благодарю́!

      November 11, 2015


      In Russian, vowels that come before (pre-tonic) and after (post-tonic) the stressed vowel in a word are pronounced "soft." So the o at the end of спасибо then is pronounced as though it were an a.. "aaah"

      March 30, 2016


      can soemone write it in english letters please

      November 30, 2016


      Blagodario. but the pronunciation is more like "blauh-goh-da-rio" kinda

      June 16, 2017



      March 27, 2017


      Привет, is there any rule to know if о is pronounced a or o as in Благодарю или молоко ?

      June 19, 2017


      O is only pronounced as o if it is stressed. If the stress lies anywhere else in the word you know the o is pronounced as short a. Thats short for what a russian friend told me about that. Hope it helps a bit :)

      May 15, 2018
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