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  5. "Ты здесь, а она уже дома."

"Ты здесь, а она уже дома."

Translation:You are here and she is already at home.

November 11, 2015



Both "and" and "but" are correct.


The conjunction "а" has both a contrastive meaning and a contradictive meaning. In its contrastive function, it is used to join two or more complete statements that are placed close together for contrasting effect. In this usage it is usually translated as "and", with the connotation "while, whereas".


You don't know the context, it could be bouth.


I agree, and have reported it. I think I slightly prefer "but" in this example, but it wasn't accepted. (Or do I mean: "AND it wasn't accepted"? ;) )


How can you guys tell between анна and она


Good question, but the accent placement is different. Listen closely.


Note in pye20, comment that the consonant is held longer for Anna too, so doubled consonants does make a difference in Russian.


"you are here and she is home already" not accepted, even though perfectly valid in English


You have a mistake in a sentence: ona uzhe doma. Translastion is "She is already AT HOME". We use: I go home but I am at home


Native English speaker: I am home now. I am also at home. both are correct.


You cant hear the "а она" she needs to speak slower


Wouldn't Ты - здесь be correct? Or have I missed something?


I think that the dash is omitted with pronouns. But if it where for example "актёр" instead of "Ты", there would be a dash.


I used but instead of and, and it was marked wrong. Why do they use "a" for and instead of "и"?


What is the difference between а and и?


Why is дома used and not дом?


дома is prepositional and shows that she is at home.


It's not prepositional in the declension or word-type sense.


I wrote "You are here, whereas she is already home". Is this truly not correct?


It doest look like an affirmative sentence !!!!


I don't understand why while is not accepted for а. Could someone please explain this?


Have you submitted it as a suggestion? It's only in Beta, so they cannot include every possible translation somebody might come up with (they could never do that, even in a final version). My initial reaction was that "while" is just wrong, but although it's fairly uncommon these days, you're right that it can be used in a contrastive way, similar to Russian "а". So I don't think your translation was wrong - it's just not in the library of possible answers yet - and won't be, unless you report it. "Not accepted" does not necessarily mean "wrong" - especially in a Beta version. They rely on user feedback about other valid answers.


I have reported it. To me it doesn't sound old-fashioned at all. Note that @wizwisdom up here explicitly mentions it as the intended meaning of а.

Mine was a select the right words exercise, and while was among them. So I thought there might be some thought behind not accepting it. (Also I've reported it elsewhere and so far haven't received any email that it has been added.)

(Btw, I would argue that in practice, with the older courses, pretty much all reasonable translations can be and are indeed added.)


I wrote the same but its says it's wrong

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