"В коробке мяч."

Translation:There is a ball in the box.

November 11, 2015



And we are staring to see how awkward the English grammar is. What you write with only 3 words in Russian needs 7 in English.

November 15, 2015


True. By the way, an easy way to remember the Russian word for ball is to imagine a MATCH (myatch) striking a BALL - or a major leagues player holding a giant match instead of a baseball bat

November 21, 2015


This will come handy.. Спасибо.

November 22, 2015


Hello amigo, Your mnemonics technique to remember a Russian word is very useful, althogh I almost find impossible to find the corresponding with some of them. I started to make a mnemonic dictionary translating from Russian to English&Spanish. Do you have somthing similar that we could exchange?

April 26, 2016


There's a whole website dedicated to memorizing words in other languages (and even studying other stuff) using such mnemonics. It's called memrise.com - you can look for me on there under the same username. I started a Babylonian Talmud Aramaic course with audio - if you look for that, that should help you find me. You can even make your own course on that website

April 26, 2016



April 27, 2016


Continuing: For example the above word каробка. sounds like a KARAOKE a place (box?) to sing

April 26, 2016


I was wondering if there's any link...

February 6, 2018


But then again they have more words to remember

May 16, 2016


Полностью согласна

December 17, 2016


I want to ask, this sentence want to emphasise the fact that the ball is in the box, or want to emphasise the fact that the box has a ball inside it? Another way of asking is, does this sentence answer this question "where is the ball?" Or " what is in the box? "

January 3, 2016


I guess

В коробке мяч. There is a ball in the box.
Мяч - в коробке. The ball is in the box.

is what you're after.

January 6, 2016


Thanks Johan, yes, this is what I was after :) So if someone ask in Russian "Where is the ball?" I should be using Мяч - в коробке, is that right?

January 7, 2016


That's right!

January 7, 2016


Thanks, I had this same question.

February 14, 2016


I used the second translation, and it was counted as correct.

June 18, 2017


How would we be able to distinguish between the ball being "on" the box and "in" the box.

November 12, 2015


On - на, in - в

November 12, 2015


What's wrong with "In the box is a ball" ?

November 11, 2015


It's not that common, but sure, I'll add it.

November 11, 2015


Honestly, I didn't understand a single word (except В) but somehow the word options seemed so typical for a beginner's sentence and I guessed it correctly.

May 6, 2016


Is Russian SVO?

BTW NOW we're learning ball? That's the first thing we learn in school (besides aplpe)

March 30, 2017


Is that why the cat got in the box? To play with it? (I got the two sentences back to back and it amused me.)

May 18, 2017


I put "At the box there is a ball." and it was marked wrong. How come?

January 26, 2017


In this context, "в" means "in". When you say "At the box there is a ball," it may be interpreted as "Next to the box there is a ball."

January 26, 2017


Why is "There is a ball in a box" marked as incorrect?

February 12, 2017


You could try reporting it, but in English you would be pointing out both the ball and the box equally. I think that the Russian is emphasizing that in this location is a ball. So this is an answer to "What is in the box?" Your sentence answers "What is there?", but I don't know if they would structure the sentence differently for that. They do mention that if the question were "Where is the ball?" the ball would come first in the Russian with the location last and I am not sure if yours would be better with that form or not.

March 16, 2017


When I figured out that I haven't done my Russian I just started typing fast

March 30, 2017


All these "В чём-то что-то" seem to have an incorrect emphasis, it doesn't feel right. In this case "В коробке мяч" is more like "In the box there's a ball" than "the ball is in the box" (which would be "мячь в коробке"). The exact meaning of "в коробке мяч" depends on the context.

June 19, 2017


Is коробке genitive? What is the normal way?

June 14, 2018


No, коробке isn't the genitive. It is the prepositional case which tells you where something / somebody is.

June 15, 2018


As birgit said it is prepositional. It is коробка in nominative

December 16, 2018


Я ответил "The ball is in the box". Но DL поправил "the ball" на "a ball". Почему в моём варианте нужен артикль "a", а не "the"?

I answered "The ball is in the box". But DL corrected "the ball" on "a ball". Why in my version need article "a", not "the"?

July 27, 2018
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