"Я купил кресло, но ещё не знаю, куда буду его ставить."

Translation:I bought an armchair, but I don't know where I am going to put it yet.

November 11, 2015

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This is also correct: "I bought an armchair but I do not know where to put it yet"


I bought an armchair but still don't know where to put it.


Sounds even more natural that the suggested translation.


I don't understand why the imperfective is used in this sentence. Why not "куда его поставлю"?

[deactivated user]

    «Куда его поставлю» is correct too. Sorry, I don't know why imperfective is used either, but it does sound natural!


    My guess is that it's like [in annoyingly soothing female robot voice] ...installation in progress, please stand by... 25%... 50%... installation in progress, please stand by... 75%... installation complete; enjoy your armchair.

    Sounds ridiculous with an armchair, but if it was something bulky and heavy enough to require several people to carry it and fragile enough for a mistake to be possibly fatal, then the putting becomes a separate important process, which is reflected in the language.

    Just a wild guess.

    Anyway, I looked in here to see if there is a discussed reason for I've bought an armchair but I don't know yet where to put it not being accepted. I see that there isn't.


    I bought an armchair should be accepted but I don't know yet should be accepted where to put it. should be accepted


    Perhaps, with куда the meaning is " where I am going to be putting it" . Perfective means" where (?где) I will have finally put it"

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