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  5. "Пальто ничего, мне нравится."

"Пальто ничего, мне нравится."

Translation:The coat is not bad, I like it.

November 11, 2015



I think "Not a bad coat, I like it" should be accepted.


Report it next time you reach this sentence. :-)


Ничего sounds like "nothing", isn't неплохо sounds better to express "okay/not bad"?

[deactivated user]

    Both work here.

    I think ничего́ was originally some short way of saying «ничего́ плохо́го» 'nothing bad', or something.


    I was wondering about this. ничего gets used with a lot of genitive form adjectives, right? (ничего хорошого, ничего страшного, ничего смешного...) Only when ничего is on its own it is assumed 'not bad'? You could also say "он ничего"? Or that would be belittling a person?

    [deactivated user]

      You could also say "он ничего"?

      I actually use that phrase about attractive people. °—°


      "ничего хорошего," for the sake of accuracy in a learning environment :-)

      And yes, "Он ничего," is correct. It means, "He's O.K.," as in "he's not a bad guy," not as in "he's doing O.K.," or "feeling O.K."


      How would you say "He is nothing"?


      In the bad sense,

      Он - ничтожество. "He is a nothing."


      In English, we might say something is all right, is that a similar idea to ничего? Should it be accepted as a translation?


      Keep in mind this Russian phrase is strictly colloquial.

      [deactivated user]

        Yes, it should. Please use the Report button next time you encounter this sentence: this way it has more chances to be notices by the course authors.


        Thanks, I'll do that,


        I agree. The word "O.K." should also be accepted. Reported it.


        In such a colloquial phrase, in english one would use the short form "The coat's not bad, I like it" rather than "the coat is" - I reported it.......


        This may not be strictly correct, but I use "coat" and "jacket" interchangeably in English. I feel like this has burned me a couple of times... Are these not treated as synonyms in Russian?


        No. It gets very cold in Russia. Пальто и куртка are two different items. Also, no matter how warm skiing and snowboarding gear is, you can't comfortably or safely ride in a coat/пальто, so it's always a jacket/куртка.


        Google "jacket" and "coat". They are completely different.


        The coat I like is not bad


        Please tell me how I can keep "Пальто ничего" with the meaning of "the coat is not bad, not a bad coat" in my mind. I mean, how can I know "ничего" means "not bad" here.


        Ничего means not bad, just O.K. But oftentimes it also means that something is very good, when used in that slang context.


        Can you say like this for every object you find appealing?


        Yes, but it doesn't convey strong positive appeal. Only minimally appealing but still in a good sense. Unless you're overtly using slang to be ironic, in which case it does have strong positive appeal. The younger people use ничего this way.


        Дебильный (плохой) пример. Хотя, действительно так говорят.


        Why "it's ok coat" wasn't accepted?


        "It's ok coat" is highly questionable English, to say the least. Perhaps "it's an ok coat" or "the coat is ok", but to me that sounds a little less positive than what the Russian suggests here, I wouldn't follow that by saying I liked it.

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