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  5. "На вулиці тепло."

"На вулиці тепло."

Translation:It is warm outside.

November 11, 2015



Can "На вулиці" mean outside? I only knew it by its literal translation "on the street." Could надворі also be used?


It's not a calque, it does mean "outside" as well. Yes, another way to say it is надворі which comes from "на дворі", двір is sth like a yard.

[deactivated user]

    Can "На вулиці" mean outside?

    It definitely can (I personally use it this way), but I canʼt find this meaning in sum.in.ua, so this could be a Russian calque.


    It must come from that second meaning of the "вулиця" (in the dictionary)


    I wrote "It's warm out on the street." and it was marked wrong!


    It's more of a literal translation of the Ukrainian sentence. "На вулиці" just means "outside". Even though it literally says "on the street", it can mean any "outside", not necessarily an actual street :)

    However, nothing is wrong with this translation! I think it should be accepted, so I added it. Thanks!


    WHY is "It's warm on the street." still 'incorrect'??? That's what my Mom used to tell us kids so we'd go outside and 'play on the street'
    (sidewalk, yard. - Not on the actual road.)


    It is common in English to also say:

    "It's warm out." (Instead of fully saying the word 'outside'.)

    For this reason I request that my answer be accepted as correct.


    In California, it is not common. We leave out the out/outside altogether. Simply its warm today.

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