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"Вони не будуть іти у ресторан."

Translation:They will not go to the restaurant.

November 11, 2015



why can't it be "a" restaurant as the answer

[deactivated user]

    It should. If itʼs not accepted, you should use the 'Report' button when you get this sentence next time (it's usually easier to bring the course authors' attention to the sentences by using the 'Report' button than by writing a comment here).


    Awesome! I did so ... Thank you!!


    Why is it sometimes йти and sometimes iти?


    You are right, the word iти is not correct, йти is. And so much better and really Ukrainian would be saying підуть instead of будуть іти.


    Йти and іти mean the same thing, but they're used differently to avoid consonant and vowel clusters. The same thing is true for many other words that begin with й and і, and many words beginning with в or у as well. This rule isn't followed with much consistency though.

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