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Macedonian language (македонски јазик) 7

Today we learn the negation and the interrogation of two verbs "to be" and "to have" )


The negation

I am not = Јас не сум

You are not = Ти не си

He / she / it is not = Тој / таа / тоа не е

We are not = Ние не сме

You are not = Вие не сте

They are not = Тие не се

The interrogation

Am I? = Дали сум (јас)?

Note: The subject in Macedonian can omitted.

Are you? = Дали си?

Is he / she / it? = Дали е тој / таа / тоа?

Are we? = Дали сме?

Are you? = Дали сте?

Are they? = Дали се?

For example:

I am not ugly = (Јас) не сум грд

Note: грд in masucline, грдa in feminine, грдo in neuter gender and грди in plural for three genders

Do you are ugly? - No, I am not = Дали си грд? - Не, не сум

You are not a teacher = (Ти) не си наставник

Does he not a teacher? = Yes, he is = Дали е тој наставник? - Да, тој е

He is not a boy = Тој не е момче

She is not a girl = Таа не е девојче

It is not a kitten = Тоа не е маче

Note: мачка is female cat, мачор is male cat and маче is small cat or kitten

We are not lazy = Ние не сме мрзеливи

You are not painters = Вие не сте сликари

They are not at home = Тие не се дома


The negation

I do not have = Јас немам

You do not have = Ти немаш

He / she / it does not have = Тој / таа / тоа нема

We do not have = Ние немаме

You do not have = Вие немате

They do not have = Тие немаат

The interrogation

Do I have? = Дали имам?

Do you have? = Дали имаш?

Does he / she / it have? = Дали има тој / таа / тоа?

Do we have? = Дали имаме?

Do you have? = Дали имате?

Do they have? = Дали имаат?

For example:

I do not have the book = (Јас) ја немам книгата

Do you not have the book? - Yes, I have it = Зарем / Нели (ти) ја немаш книгата? - Да, јас ја имам

Note: Зарем and Нели are synonym for the negative interrogation but "зарем" can also used as positive, for example: Do you have the book? = Зарем ја имаш книгата? although more common with "дали". Primarily, there is a third option for the interrogation, and this is a intonation. For example: Ти ја имаш книгата? (intonation, similar to Spanish)

You do not have a flower = Ти немаш цвет

He does not have an orange = Тој нема портокал

Note: портокал is derived from Turkish. In Macedonian has enough words of Turkish origin

She does not have the duck = Таа ја нема патката

It does not have a ball = Тоа нема топка

We do not have the tables = Ние ги немаме масите

You do not have a glass = Вие немате чаша

They do not have the television = Тие ја немаат телевизијата

Write if you have any idea for a new lesson and what interests you the most? Of course, ask me, if you have some question about this lesson.

https://www.duolingo.com/comment/10068881 (list of lessons)

Се видиме наскоро и добра ноќ )

November 11, 2015



Thanks as always :)

I would've never figured out "portokal" ))))


Will there be more or is this the last

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