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  5. "Ти маєш ручку?"

"Ти маєш ручку?"

Translation:Do you have a pen?

November 12, 2015



Is 'перо' dialectal?

[deactivated user]

    Перо́ is used for a bit different kind of pen:


    The main meaning of «перо́» is feather, hence it's also used for quill pen. But it's not something we would use for writing nowadays.


    Ahh, that makes sense. My dialect comes from Ukrainians who emigrated in the 1890s so that explains it. Дякую!

    [deactivated user]

      Oh, that's cool!

      Actually, перо is also used for the 'nib of the fountain pen' (but I've never heard it used for the whole pen, only for a part of it):


      Also, I think перо is some tool used for drawing, but I'm not sure how it's used exactly. Here's a перо for drawing sold in a shop: http://www.kancelarka.com.ua/tovar/15863/ (is it put in a pen? or just used as is? no idea)


      fountain pen is перова ручка

      That's a nib for ink drawing, you need a pen with it


      What's more commonly said with "do you have?" Ти маєш or У тебе є?


      У тебе є


      Ні. Я кажу "ти маєш", навколо мене теж так кажуть. Я живу у Києві, знаю багато львів'ян.


      So, ручка as in rączka po polsku as in das Handy? Handy means something totally else in English though. Languages are fun. Direct translation, no.


      I would compare it to ręczka, as small ręka.


      We still use the word 'перо' in everyday speech at home. ''Ручка' we use rarely. We understand it, but we like our 'ancestral' language better. :)


      Gene M.: You can use both: "Чи ти маєш...?" ('Do you have...?') or "У/В тебе є...? ('Have you got...?')

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