Multiple Choice Questions

Like the title says, I seem to be having problems right now. Despite getting perfect 20s on Refresh courses, I see that I would get 19s, because of the multiple choice questions.

Despite choosing the right choice(s), Duolingo currently thinks I selected all choices and thus marks my answers wrong.

Despite getting the questions right and getting points, the next questions after, after passing them with the correct answer, wouldn't award me new points.

Edit: Today, the multiple choice question is working fine.

November 12, 2015


Something same I had reported for the Spanish tree as well.

November 12, 2015

I'm having a similar problem with Italian which I've logged separately as "Marked wrongly". I'm getting told my multiple choice answers are wrong when I've answered correctly. Glad I'm not alone!

November 12, 2015

I'm having the same problem in French, and unfortunately it's on timed testing so it's hard to report it as a mistake right when it occurs, especially since the lesson appears to score correctly as I move through it... it's only at the very end when it tells me I only got 16 right and I go back to review the lesson that I realize it's claiming I gave wrong answers when I know I gave right ones.

November 12, 2015

Yes having the same problem, hope it is fixed soon!!

November 12, 2015

I'm seeing this on Spanish too. After reading your description I watched closely for the next time it occurred and, indeed, it gives me the point for the multiple choice question but none for the next question, even though both show up as correct when I answer them. During review, it's the multiple choice question that's marked as wrong.

November 13, 2015
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