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"Ты знаешь, где находится Америка?"

Translation:Do you know where America is?

November 12, 2015



"Do you know where America is located?" Surely this ought to be correct as well.


Yes, it is correct. Added it.


But it is ok just to say Ты знаешь, где Америка? right? I know we're practising находится, I'm just checking


I've been asking myself the same thing lately.


In a very rough patch


DL did not accept "Do you know where America lies?" Odd.


Amerika lies everywhere, comrade, all the time.


I also wrote "lies" as in "to lay". I wonder if this can be counted as correct English...? I guess I want to say it like this because in German we also say "liegen" for this kind of sentences. "Где находится Москва?" / "Wo liegt Moskau?"


"Lies" is not a form of "to lay", but rather "to lie".


Not that odd, considering that the English verb "lie" isn't used in this sense anywhere near as often as the Russian "находиться".

[deactivated user]

    "Do you know where America is situated?" doesn't count?


    While "situated" is a valid translation, it's not a very good choice of word, because it can refer to non-physical issues, like international policies. Even in a physical sense, "situated" requires reference to things around the main subject/object of the verb. "Located" is a much better word to use - it refers to actual physical location (whether on a map or elsewhere) and doesn't carry with it the nuances and connotations of non-physicality or references to other things, as "situated" does.

    It may be that находиться can be used in a way which makes "situated" a better choice, but when talking about where some thing is, then "located" is a far better word to use.

    Example: "America is situation between Canada and Mexico in the North American continent of the western hemisphere." "America is located there [pointing on a map].)

    In other words, allowing "situated" when you actually mean "located" would be teaching non-native English-speakers poor English "diction" = "choice of word".

    Duo may eventually allow it in this particular exercise, but I think that would be a mistake.


    In a handbasket, mate. In a handbasket. And the bottom's getting hot.


    What about "Do you know where is America situated?" as the suggested translation for находится is (situated).


    It's fine if you change the word order. It has to be "Do you know where America is situated?".


    Америка appears to be in nominative case, which would be proper if the sentence were simply где Америка?

    Находится doesn't change the case - Америка is not the object of the verb, but the subject, plus the verb is reflexive (-ся makes it so, I believe), so it can't have an object. In any event, for orientation as to case, I look at the sentence as stating "America is where?".


    Is it wrong to type "Ты знаешь, где Америка?"


    No, that's fine too.


    do you know where is america located was marked as wrong....:(


    And rightly so – the word order is incorrect. It should be "Do you know where America is located?"


    Do you know where America is found?


    It feels so wrong being forced to end a sentence in a preposition


    "Do you know, where America is located"? Please explain why this isn't correct.


    Oh no, they're gonna nuke it!


    Is there ever a situation in which "находится" is absolutely needed? In this example, it is not.

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