"Mom has a loud voice."

Translation:У мамы громкий голос.

November 12, 2015

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Why is "У мамы есть громкий голос." an incorrect solution? Is using "есть" only the way to say someone has something when that something is a physical object?

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    Using «есть» would emphasise the fact that a mom has voice, which should be pretty obvious anyway (unless sheʼs actually a mermaid or something).

    See the comment here for a description of a similar sentence: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/11643883


    haha... unless she's a mermaid :D

    Thanks for the explanation too of course :)


    Thank you, that makes sense.


    Oy blin! Wait till you hear babushka when you don't eat her homemade borsch!


    Why do I hear people say the word order in Russian doesnt matter. I see otherwise


    maybe better to full understanding: "word order in Russian" is not fixed, but organizes flexibly according to emphasis meaning. "doesn't matter" is not absolute chaos.


    My problem here is the sentece asked me to say "mom has a loud voice", not "mom's voice is loud". In english we say mom has a loud voice, even tho it should be implied... This makes no sense to me..


    But the Russian sentence is saying the same thing since "у мамы..." is the equivalent of "mom has..." Wouldn't "mom's voice is loud" be "голос мамы - громкий"?

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