"Она это я."

Translation:She is me.

November 12, 2015



This sentence doesn't really make sense. Why would I ever say "she is me?"

November 12, 2015

[deactivated user]

    It can be used as a narrative device: you describe someone as «она» and then end up saying you're actually describing your own experience. This works the best when «она» is the only description used, becuase when you have another word, youʼd better use it (e.g. if you've started a story with «у меня́ есть подру́га» 'I have a friend', you should better finish the sentence not with «она́ э́то я», but with «эта́ подру́га — э́то я» 'this friend is me'.) But «она это я» is also possible.

    There's a song «Она это я», for example.

    November 12, 2015


    Kind of artistic for such a basic level course though, is it not :)

    May 16, 2018



    December 8, 2018


    can't say it better

    April 17, 2019


    And a famous quote from the brilliant Pogo “We have met the enemy and ... HE IS US.”

    August 16, 2018


    Oh yes.Pogo the great thinker,

    October 26, 2018


    any reason это is needed here?

    June 7, 2018


    this make sense! :)

    September 5, 2017


    This MAKES sense... or not, depending on one's level of English

    May 1, 2018


    Yeah RIGHT

    August 16, 2018


    Had same issue, then imagined someone pointing at old photograph of self

    May 18, 2017


    Surely then it'd be just 'это я' or 'она я'??

    June 2, 2017


    I agree

    January 2, 2019


    Hypothetically possible, but it's MUCH more natural to say, "that is me."

    February 15, 2019


    It matters, imagine if you are one of the few suspects for crime at a public place which is under CCTV survillance. If Russian cops ask you that among these people which is you ? Then Mrs. Smartypantz, you need to answer like this.

    July 26, 2017


    As in, for instance, "that is me". "She is me" would almost certainly only be used by non-native English speakers

    May 1, 2018


    You still would not say she is me?. You would say that is me.

    January 11, 2019


    same as for the example just before, I guess you'd say это я

    October 11, 2018


    The best EnglisIh would. Be "It is I.:

    October 26, 2018


    Showing an old school picture: "That was I in junior high."

    October 27, 2018


    Time travel, maybe?

    May 14, 2018



    January 15, 2019


    I agree. I have translated it as "that is me", for example Амели – что она? Это я (someone who doesn't know I am Amelie asks "Amelie, who is that?" and I answer "That is me".) I think this way it would make sense.

    September 17, 2018


    exactly, это я, not она это я. I think Duolingo just doesn't clarify the meaning of that one, or it simply makes no sense

    October 11, 2018


    I think thats just the literal translation. It may be the equivalent of, "this is she" like when someone looking for you calls over the phone.

    October 2, 2018


    You are correct it does make sense

    April 13, 2019


    I don t know.

    June 8, 2019


    She may be pointing to a picture

    June 17, 2018


    You'd say "that is me"

    July 1, 2018


    yes, i would. but that's me. i'm an aggressive grammarian.

    July 2, 2018


    exactly, in no situation would someone say she is me, it would always be that's me, but in any case, I feel like those should be translated as это я, so I think we're just not getting the meaning. Makes no sense to me.

    October 11, 2018


    I ALWAYS MAKE A CONFUSION BETWEEN ОНА AND АННА when I hear the word. Is the stress more important on ANNA on the A ? How can we make the distinction ?

    January 18, 2016


    I'm native. Yes, you are right:

    Анна - the first syllable is stressed. Она - the second syllable is stressed.

    May 31, 2017


    I think you could hear a shorter 'a' then an longer 'n' for Anna/Aнна. Please someone correct me if that's wrong, since I'm only a beginner.

    February 1, 2016


    Thank you for this I will check next time there is Anna in the text

    February 1, 2016


    The speech synth is very approximate. From a recording of a native speaker you would most probably catch the difference no problem. It's also hard to explain in words because "stress" means a bunch of different things. I suppose it could help to keep in mind that while in English consonants are always short ("dinner" vs. "diner" etc.) in other languages they are not. So even without stress, 'Анна' is different from 'Она'.

    May 16, 2018


    Would it be correct this way? Она я

    April 5, 2016


    Does someone know the answer to that question ?

    August 28, 2017


    if someone could answer this question i would be so happy.

    September 7, 2019


    "She is I," should also be accepted. (It is not as of 8 April 2018.) In fact, many English grammarians would insist that, "She is me," is grammatically incorrect because this is a copulative sentence, so the pronoun after the copula is a predicate nominative and, therefore, must be I rather than me. Now, of course, most English speakers would say, "She is me," at least in casual conversation; and some linguists have even argued that this should be considered grammatically correct (for reasons which are a bit too complicated for me to go into here). Nonetheless, given the fact that many English speakers (at least those of us of a certain age) were taught to use I instead of me after the copula, at least in formal writing, I think it ought to be accepted here.

    April 8, 2018


    Ha ha! I am a native English speaker who cannot imagine any circumstances in which I would say "she is me"; far less "she is I", technically correct though the latter might be. Language changes over time and these phrases sound old-fashioned and pedantic. Enjoy!

    May 1, 2018


    Wanna know which old lady would say that? SHE IS ME!

    May 29, 2019


    I would insist that "She is I" is incorrect, but I wouldn't begrudge you using it.

    April 17, 2018


    As someone who was born in London and who grew up there, I would insist that "She is I" is perfectly correct, beside being entirely logical. Mind you, I am quite happy with saying something like "It's me", which I have to admit sounds much better to my ears than "It's I". But I hardly believe English has to be illogical to be correct. On what grounds do you want to insist that "She is I" is incorrect?

    April 17, 2018


    I would insist mainly as pushback to English grammarians. They get a little too worked up about other people's grammar for my taste. I would insist that it's incorrect, but I wouldn't insist you should speak correctly.

    April 18, 2018


    "She is I" is correct. "She is me" is incorrect. The verbs "is" preserves case between its subject and object.

    September 8, 2018


    It's illogical to claim that the correct usage is "incorrect" just because you want the freedom to use an incorrect one.

    No one has stated that "she is me" is wrong - although, as a native English speaker. I have never heard anyone actually say that!

    But "I am she" IS grammatically correct, and IS something I have actually heard said (albeit in fairly formal. literary. contexts), so it should be accepted.

    December 20, 2018


    She is i??

    June 2, 2017


    why we say она это я? does not " она я " enough?

    October 20, 2016


    No, it's not enough. As much as Russian loves to drop words, there's a limit to this. "Она я" is just two pronouns put together; people won't understand it. Technically, you can clear things up by adding a dash: "она - я", but that still doesn't sound good.

    October 27, 2017


    That is a little confusing... Not something you'll use every day :D (Especially if you're a dude)

    November 26, 2015


    stop using the name anna it confuses me and i always get она wrong.

    June 30, 2016


    This sentence is quite confusing. We all know that это means "this is" but again as an exception, this sentence had different meaning for это.

    July 26, 2017


    Isn't it summit like incorrect grammar to say "she is me" and the correct is "she is I" ?

    August 26, 2017



    April 7, 2018


    Would 'I am her' be incorrect?

    February 21, 2017


    I'd prefer "I am she" - both pronouns in the nominative. "Her" is accusative or dative. However, Duolingo doesn't want to accept "She is I" but only "She is me". Which is common but, strictly speaking, gramatically incorrect.

    April 7, 2018

    • 134

    It seems that "She is I", or the more natural "I am she" should be allowed for those of old enough to have had teachers beating into us the use of the nominative case in such situations throughout our elementary education!

    December 15, 2017


    Agreed, certainly to my ears, 'I am she' sounds more natural (I'll avoid controversy by not saying correct) .

    April 17, 2018


    I heard Анна not Она.

    June 11, 2017


    Could someone tell me if it is possible to say : "She: this is me" please?

    February 1, 2016

    [deactivated user]

      What is this expected to mean? :?

      February 1, 2016


      Or she, it's me. (EDIT:) For example A couple looking at a photo album : "Oh look at this little girl, she looks so confused! - She: it's me."

      February 1, 2016


      No. You could say "She is me" or "This is me" or "It's me" in English (in fact, "This is me" and "It's me" are much more common than "She is me"), but you can't say "She: this is me" or "She: it's me". You can't double up on the subject like that; you can use "she" or "this" or "it", but you have to pick one. You can't stick together both "she" and "this" or "she" and "it" like that.

      April 11, 2017


      This doesn't make any sens

      May 20, 2017



      July 2, 2017


      Would it be right to translate this as I am her?

      September 10, 2017


      Who writes these extremely awkward sentences?!

      April 19, 2018


      The correct English would be, she is I (nominative case pronoun)....

      April 23, 2018


      "She is me" is poor English grammar; it should be "She is I," as dumb as that sounds--because "is" takes a predicate nominative, not a direct object.

      April 23, 2018


      Merriam-Webster says usage of "me" as predicate nominative isn't ungrammatical:

      me or i? Me is used in many constructions where strict grammarians prescribe I. This usage is not so much ungrammatical as indicative of the shrinking range of the nominative form: me began to replace I sometime around the 16th century largely because of the pressure of word order. I is now chiefly used as the subject of an immediately following verb. Me occurs in every other position: absolutely who, me? , emphatically me too , and after prepositions, conjunctions, and verbs, including be. come with me you're as big as me it's me Almost all usage books recognize the legitimacy of me in these positions, especially in speech; some recommend I in formal and especially written contexts after be and after as and than when the first term of the comparison is the subject of a verb.


      April 23, 2018


      dictionary.com says I'm free to replace "I" with "myself" If this is true I shall be free of that scourge of discordance "he and I" if only duoLingo accepts it. wish me luck. i shalln't hold my beath. ...but then we wouldn't have our little discussions any more. perhaps it's all for the best.


      April 23, 2018


      This is all very confusing. As a native English speaker, this sentence structure is a little misleading. Of course you can be in a situation when someone is telling a scenario to another person, this person may ask "who is she?" At which time you (as the third person in the room, may state "she", is me." Meaning - the "she" the teller is referring to, is me. The natural way for one to respond would be to say, when asking the teller, who is "she", you would say, "The teller is talking about me."

      Whatever..... the fact that this sentence is in a "Learning Basics" stage of the language can be a little challenging and possibly unnatural in its use. :-)

      April 25, 2018


      Это=? "This is" and "it is" and "is" ?

      July 24, 2018


      Why is it not enough to say ето я?

      August 4, 2018


      As I'm sure everyone realises, this is a very very abstract sentence to be included in a section titled "Basic 1".

      August 29, 2018


      This is the name of a song by the group Фабрика https://youtu.be/pW5n19vc0EI

      September 1, 2018


      please review the topic of Russian course

      September 26, 2018


      This is not correct English would never say she is me.

      January 11, 2019


      There is a Russian song saying: Я это ты, ты это я, meaning they love each other so much. Though I'm not sure it makes sense in English :)

      January 26, 2019


      This can be useful if you're writing a book in Russian, and there's a plot twist- she is me. Boom! Duolingo bird is always right.. always.. always...

      April 10, 2019


      Are you talking to a clone?

      May 26, 2019

      [deactivated user]

        I wrote she is I.... Both ways still sound odd

        April 29, 2018


        (I am her)

        April 30, 2018


        she is me --> everybody is me --> i am God!

        June 21, 2019


        Shouldn't "She and I" be accepted as well?

        July 2, 2019


        Was heißt das eigentlich?

        July 13, 2019


        das heißt "sie ist ich" ich meinelich. careful though german grammar can be capricious. ich meine kapriziös.

        July 13, 2019


        Was heißt das?

        July 13, 2019


        Also diejenige

        July 13, 2019


        So just from listening, how do you know if it's а or unstressed о?

        May 17, 2017


        Wouldn't "I am her" make more sense in English. How is that different from "She is me"?

        June 11, 2017


        What's the difference between з and э?

        June 17, 2017


        The first one that looks like a 3 is a "Z," as in Zima. The other is a short "E," as in Edward.

        March 15, 2018


        Is ridiculous I can't pass up the level because of 2 worfs.

        July 14, 2017


        I have no russians letter

        July 22, 2017


        I write the right answer but it doesnt work..

        July 29, 2017


        Zdes vse ne pravilna uje vtaroy raz idet oshibka. She is me budet eto Ona eto ya

        August 26, 2017


        Why did it say i was right when i put она ето да

        September 3, 2017


        она мне

        December 10, 2017


        I thought she said Anna.

        December 11, 2017


        I don't have that backwards r on my keyboard!!! Help meee

        December 13, 2017


        Download a Russian keyboard.

        April 19, 2018


        I hit this buttom by accident can I un do it

        February 21, 2018


        This sounds like "Aнна, это я" - "Аnna, this is me" . Who says, "she is me"? It doesn't make sense.

        March 27, 2018


        I have never said "she is me"

        April 13, 2018


        I'm thinking "I am she" would make more sense

        April 17, 2018


        Is "she is I" also correct?

        April 19, 2018


        Correct? It is perfectly correct. Good? It's good. In fact, very good. It is true, that it doesn't flow off the tongue with such an elegant ping-pong, dang-dong, wung-wong da- dee -da rhyming sound like "she is me", which is probably used a lot more, but it IS perfectly good. And if it helps you to remember it by being grammatically consistent - which it is, even if some people are seriously troubled with the fact that English does have a grammar - ignore those fanatics and stick to it. You like it? - use it! It's GOOD. I personally find it clearer, and so I am a lot more comfortable with it, than "she is me", which I would understand, but.... really do find very ugly. I find no special virtue in ugliness. BUT: In contrast, I must admit, I would find it pretty awkward to say " It is I". When using "It", it is much more usual to use "me", "him", "her", as in "It's me", "It's him", "It's her".

        But don't let anyone stop you using "It is I", or "It is he" or "It is she" if you like. It is less usual, but it is - quite simply - quite correct, and will be understood immediately.

        Use the idioms that don't fit rigid grammar rules WHEN you are used to them, and IF you know from native speakers that they are acceptable. Then you can use these idioms as you please.

        Otherwise, stick to the grammar when you are unsure, IT WILL WORK.


        April 19, 2018


        "ye shall know the fanatic by the length of their response." i think that's from the Book of Leviticus. besides fanatix is spelled with an "x"!

        April 19, 2018


        You may be right. I am a fanatic against people who browbeat other people who are doing good work, and trying to make points clear for others. Maybe you can make your point clearer without pseudo-poetry.

        April 19, 2018


        if you disagree with 'em academically it's ok to browbeat 'em? anyway, i rather fancy pseudo-poetry. maybe someday i'll be a real poet just like pinnocchio!

        April 20, 2018


        I'm still not sure I got your point. If you`re attacking languages being defined simply academically, from top (of the ivory tower) to bottom (the level of the real world), I would be completely on your side. Academics should go teach a dead language (Latin?). English is very alive and quite varied. However, it is not totally chaotic.

        April 20, 2018


        b_jamil: Well, said!

        April 21, 2018


        is it necesary to put an это in between?

        May 18, 2018


        It's a different sentence without it, so it kind of depends.

        May 18, 2018


        How so?

        May 18, 2018


        I'm not an expert so take this with a spoonful of salt, but having the 'это' in there gives it the kind of "this is" vibe (like someone else mentioned below).

        It's really hard to tell the subtleties from sentences this short and without context anyway. It could work without the 'это', that's why I said it kind of depends.

        May 18, 2018


        Shouldn't this be written as "она я" or "это я"

        May 25, 2018


        Apparently it wouldn't make sense because you'd be saying only "she I".

        July 6, 2018


        But the verb "to be" is understood in Russian. "Это собака." for instance would be "That is a dog." not "That dog."

        July 6, 2018


        Ah right. The one being talked about, she is me.

        June 1, 2018


        I Do not know what to do when I am asked to type in Russian

        June 13, 2018


        I would like to report that Hastings just replied to the inquiry "Who is it?" with the response "It's me!" Hastings the man's name is Hastings. Just how much more English could a man's family be? 1066? Was it not the nexus of modern English?

        June 17, 2018


        This one was... rather tricky.

        July 6, 2018



        August 13, 2018


        I don't understand.. no one ever uses ' she is me '

        August 22, 2018


        She is I

        August 24, 2018



        August 26, 2018


        I said эта instead of это because "Oна" is feminine, why is эта incorrect here?

        October 2, 2018


        Doesn't make sense

        October 27, 2018


        why isn't it эта?

        November 13, 2018


        Because "эта" is a demonstrative adjective; think of "это" in this case as "it is".

        November 14, 2018


        This is lyrics to a Beatles song no??? "...and she is me, la, la, la, laaaa" Could come in handy for karaoke...

        November 24, 2018


        I am hers wouldn't be ok?

        December 12, 2018


        That would be completely wrong, because "hers" is the possessive pronoun.

        December 20, 2018


        Really don't understand the logic here.

        January 17, 2019


        "im looking for the person who did this shes wanted in 15 states do you know her" "yeah she is me" boom. its like. sarcastic

        April 10, 2019


        Can "Она - я" be used?

        April 11, 2019


        I think it can but it’s best for someone else to explain why you may be able to use it.

        April 11, 2019


        Strange sentence

        April 16, 2019


        You dont really say this

        April 25, 2019


        That doesnt make any sense

        May 19, 2019


        English translation is incorrect.

        May 22, 2019



        March 31, 2017


        I try but I really don't understand. Please help me.

        July 14, 2017


        I think она я is "she is I." Adding это is kinda like "this is" but take away the "this" so She (this) is me. That's the only way I could understand it.

        May 3, 2018


        Goo goo g'joob!

        May 24, 2018


        It doesn't make sense

        February 18, 2019


        There is nothing called"" she is me "".

        February 21, 2019


        This app sucks it should just delete itself

        April 9, 2019


        Subscribe to PewDiePie

        April 24, 2019



        April 20, 2017


        This is rubbish

        May 1, 2018


        Cyka blyat :)

        April 15, 2019
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