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"Я перевожу эту статью, а ты мне помогаешь."

Translation:I am translating this article and you are helping me.

November 12, 2015



Are you talking about us, Duo? :P


Doesn't "a" imply a comparitive situation like "but"? I said "I am translating the article, but you are helping me" as in "I am doing most of the work, however you are also doing some"

So if if I wanted to have it be the meaning I thought it was, would you use но?


I believe 'a' is used when contrasting two things, and in this case what 'I' am doing is being contrasted with what 'you' are doing.


Can't do it in Russian, you can only say 'Я перевожу эту статью, но ты мне НЕ помогаешь'


"You are helping me" - isn't "me" in the accusative case? Why мне and not меня?


Because the one helped receives the help, so помогать uses dative.


Out of curiosity, what would be the Russian for "I am translating that article"?

[deactivated user]

    A literal translation would be «я перевожу́ ту статью́». However, 'this' and 'that' are not usually distinguished in Russian unless you contrast them. So, usually both will be translated «я перевожу́ э́ту статью́».


    Thank you. When to use 'этот-это-эта-эти and when to use тот-то-та-те cause me problems. You really helped clear it up.


    Is this the standard Russian way of asking for help or would one usually use a more polite phrasing?

    [deactivated user]

      No, «помогаешь» is usually a statement of fact. The listener is already helping.

      While it’s theoretically possible to use it for describing some kind of a plan, it’s not normally a wording you’d use for asking for help.

      The usual ways of asking for help are:

      • imperative mood with «пожалуйста» (помоги мне, пожалуйста, перевести эту статью ‘help me to translate this article, please’) or
      • a question in a subjunctive mood with «пожалуйста» (не могла бы ты мне помочь перевести эту статью, пожалуйста? ‘could you please help me translate this article?).


      than why "while" isn't accepted instead "and"


      Ahh the 'old times' with compicej and other users in Immersion :)


      The sentence is unclear as to the meaning of whether the help is now or in the future.


      Why is this answer incorrect: "I am translating this article, but you are helping me"?


      Is the infinite form for "to translate" перевозить? Does it also mean "to transport"?


      The infinitiv of "to translate" is actually "переводить"


      Though in this sentence, we should have used the verb "перевести", I think


      Is the second "e" in "переводить" silent ?

      [deactivated user]

        No, but it’s reduced so it’s pronounced shorter and less prominently. All unstressed vowels are reduced in speech.


        I write " I am traslating this article and you are helping me


        Is it correct to say Я перевожу эту статью, а ты помогаешь мне ?


        When is this statement applied? Is it just someone narrating his actions, or is it a way of commanding a friend to help with the translation?

        [deactivated user]

          It’s the former, it’s not usually a command (unless there is very specific context).


          Ahhh, nothing like being forced into typing a document from a language you dont even understand


          What a cover story!


          I originally thought this was a proposal: "I translate this article, and [in return] you help me." Could it mean that, or would that be translated differently?


          I wrote exact the same and its wrong!


          i thought magazine was статья? just. why. this aint a verb

          [deactivated user]
            • magazine = журнал,
            • article = статья.
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