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  5. "Il ajoute des mots."

"Il ajoute des mots."

Translation:He is adding words.

January 8, 2013



Why is "He adds some words" incorrect?


Why is "He adds some words" incorrect?


It accepts it now. :) Thanks.


For the listen and translate version of this sentence, I couldn't distinguish between "Il ajoute" and "Ils ajoutent." I translated it as "Ils ajoutent des mots," but got it wrong. Is "Ils ajoutent des mots" still correct, though?


I guessed right, but I agree with you, Google Translate pronounces both "ajoute" and "ajoutent" the exact same way so I'm guessing Duolingo does the same, and with Duolingo pronouncing "Il" and "Ils" in a very similar way (if not identical), it gets really hard to discern. It would really help if Duolingo added some more emphasis on the pronunciation of the plural on "Ils".


Would not "Ils ajoutent" have an audible "-s": ilZ ajoutent ?


Ah, that's right, thanks. But better written, I think, as "il Zajoutent"


I frequently have this problem. Often there is a clue in the pronunciation of the noun or the adjective, but there is no such clue here. Imroving the text-to-speach would do wonders for this site!!


See the comment above. Because ajoute starts with a vowel, if the subject were plural, it would be pronounced "il Zajoutent". I agree that the clues are often subtle, but usually find that the answers are correct, and I'm missing the clue!


Why is "It is adding some words" wrong? Why would it have to be "he"? I thought this lesson plan was the perfect example of how it is adding words, but I got it wrong when I used "it."


Any tips on identifying "Elle, Il, Ils, Elles" when listening to the recording? It feels like Elle sounds just like Il


Try finding an online dictionary with pronunciation or typing them all into google translate and hitting the audio button. That should help you differentiate il and elle. However, in the Paris dialect, il vs. ils and elle vs. elles are indistinguishable, except when there is a liasion (for example, if this sentence used ils there would be a liasion.)


emmaliv is spot on as I have just tested the liason and it is very clear the difference between "il ajoute" v "ils ajoutent." So, that is how you would know.


But, when there is no liaison I am not aware of any spoken French where you can distinguish between il and ils, and elle and elles. Though, I do understand they tend to pronounce all of the letters in the South of France but I don't believe that extends to this example.


I listen for the verb conjugation


wouldn't "he puts words together" be correct?


I definitely heard an 's' at the end of 'ajoute'


I hate it when they expect you to do a listen and type when you haven't even seen the word before


Why is "he is adding the words" wrong?


Since "il" can be either he or it, why does Duolingo suggest that "He adds words," as being incorrect for "Il ajoute des mots."?


Je ajoute des mots avec duolingo, je étudie les mots français !


Difference btwn ajouter and rajouter?

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