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  5. "Do you know what it means?"

"Do you know what it means?"

Translation:Вы знаете, что это значит?

November 12, 2015



Is the это really needed? The sentence is "Do you know what "it" means?" and not: "Do you know what "this" means?" Would it be wrong to say "ты знаешь, что значит?"

[deactivated user]

    «Ты зна́ешь, что зна́чит?» would sound incomplete. You do need «э́то».

    The sentence is "Do you know what "it" means?" and not: "Do you know what "this" means?"

    I believe it can mean both.


    Interesting, that comes as a surprise. Thank you!


    Isn't "знаете, что это значит?" good on its own?


    Знаете / Знаешь что это значит.


    Would it also be correct to use the informal you, saying, "Ты знаешь что это значит?"

    [deactivated user]

      Yes. «Ты зна́ешь, что э́то зна́чит?» is absolutely correct.


      Why not ты знаешь что оно значит?


      It must be accepted because there is no context. But most often it is "это". To be honest, it seems to me (the native Russian speaker) that if this phrase is translated in absolutely any context as "что это значит", it will always sound natural, but "что оно значит" is suitable only for certain cases.


      Why we can not use Не знаешь, что это значит?


      when you conjugate the verb after это to "значит" what is this version or case called?

      [deactivated user]

        Это is nominative, it's the subject. This is a complex sentence, which basically features a sentence-inside-sentence:

        • The outer sentence is «ты знаешь», «ты» is subject, and «зна́ешь» is the main verb.
        • The inner sentence is the «что это зна́чит». The inner sentence is the object of the outer sentence: «что это зна́чит» is the thing known.
        • «Это» is the subject of the inner sentence, «зна́чит» is the main verb of the inner sentence, «что» is the object of the inner sentence.


        so что is Accusative case, correct?

        In literal English: "This is what?"


        Whats the difference between знаешь and знаете. Dont they mean the same thing?

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