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  5. "Give me bread, please."

"Give me bread, please."

Translation:Дайте мне, пожалуйста, хлеб.

November 12, 2015



it marks "дайте мне хлеб пожалуйста" as a typo here... is that true? why must хлеб come after пожалуйста? it's not just preference?

[deactivated user]

    Indeed, your answer is equally correct. Please report this sentence next time you encounter it (reporting sentences ensures that the course authors will see the problem — if you just write about the problem in the comments, it might be missed, because there're many different comments every day).


    I'm still confused as to when дайте or дайте мне is more appropriate


    I thought дайте means that bread should be in accusativ case. Why is it хлеб? Is there no declination for it?


    "Хлеб" is an inanimate masculine noun, so its accusative form is the same as its nominative form. In general, for animate masculine and neuter nouns, the accusative form matches the genetive form, but for inanimate masculine and neuter nouns, the accusative matches the nominative. Feminine nouns have their own accusative form and are not divided into animate and inanimate categories.


    What is the infinitive form of дайте?


    Would "хлеба" work here as a partitive? If so, how common is it?


    I left out мне and it's fine.


    Why is передайте хлеб considered wrong here?


    "передайте" means "pass" not "give" so it's not really correct


    Давай is rude way to say it or is it nonsense altogether?


    Давай means "come on", not "give".

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