"Дайте большую ложку, пожалуйста."

Translation:Give me the large spoon, please.

November 12, 2015

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Elaine needs it for her big salad.


pulls put comically large spoon


Is "мне" usually omitted when it is obvious?

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    Well, not neccessarily, this sentence could be said with «мне» too. I think both variants are equally OK.


    Thank you for your quick response! My native language Japanese also omit it in this kind of case.


    What is the difference between "large" and "big"?


    Is this sentence considered polite enough to say to anyone, in Russian? In English, even with the "please" it sounds blunt, and I would use "Could you give me the spoon, please?" instead.

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      Yes, it's polite enough.


      Watching tv with a Russian friend, i saw a scene where a bride at dinner sweetly says "дай мне вананчик" to her new husband. It seemed so blunt but my friend said the diminutive 'чик' meant it was polite, even without a 'please'. It seemed odd. And still does!

      Also odd that you can add an affectionate diminutive to a random noun too, but that's for another conversation i guess!


      Не могли бы вы дать мне большую ложку.


      The pronunciation of ложку is wrong, the stress should be on the first "O", лОжку


      Why is "bigger spoon" not accepted? I'm not an english native speaker.


      Ok, added. But keep in mind one thing. The word "большую" has two slightly different meanings.
      "Большу́ю" (with the stress on the last syllable) means "big".
      Дайте большу́ю ложку. - Give me the big spoon.
      If the stress falls on the first syllable - "бо́льшую" - it means "bigger".
      Дайте бо́льшую ложку. - Give me the bigger spoon.
      However the most common way to say "the bigger spoon" would be:
      Дайте ложку побольше. or Дайте ту ложку, которая больше.
      So most people would read this sentence as "Дайте большу́ю ложку." But the other way is possible too.


      I put "give me a bigger spoon please" and it was not accepted.


      I know from experience Russians generally do not care for overly polite conversations.

      Blunt sentences suit them just fine


      A blunt sentence option: Дава́й большу́ю ло́жку, твою́ мать!


      Everywhere ones don't like blunt expressions, this sentence is polite in russian


      Hand me a big spoon please. - Accepted.

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