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  5. "Where do I find fruits?"

"Where do I find fruits?"

Translation:Где мне найти фрукты?

November 12, 2015



why not "где найду фрукты"?

[deactivated user]

    «Где я найду́ фру́кты?» means that you're absolutely certain you'll find them. It’s grammatically correct, but usually we don’t ask such questions when we're 100% sure about the situation. If you’re sure you’ll find fruits, you’ll probably know where they can be found.

    (As for dropping «я», Russian sentences generally don’t sound well with the pronoun dropped. This depends on the sentence, but in most cases you’d better use a pronoun.)

    «Где мне найти́ фру́кты?» is basically the same as «Где мне мо́жно найти́ фру́кты?» ('where can I find fruit', literally: 'where for-me it's-possible to-find fruit?') with «можно» dropped. This phrase sounds much more natural. Grammatically, it's a subjectless sentence (such sentences are usually translated into English using a formal subject 'it').


    Do you get paid to reply to us? That was helpful.

    [deactivated user]

      No, I just have fun answering you. :) I’m also happy people are interested in my native language.


      What about: Где могу найти...?


      What about: Где могу найти...?


      The question is incorrect and should read "Where do I find fruit?". The word fruits in used only in abstract senses such as, "The fruits of my labours."


      Just doing the placement test but I think "где находяться фрукты?" would be more idiomatic and like what a Russian would say. Any (dis)agree?

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      Я перевёл: Где я ищу фрукты?


      А я ответил "Где мне искать фрукты?" Это тоже неправилен по-Дуолинго, и не знаю почему.

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