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Classroom Duolingo needs to shape up.

At Headfort primary school, in Kells,Ireland I now have the entire school using Duolingo, that is about 70 kids aged 8 to 14 years. Here's what I would like to see:

  1. a "dial" to turn up or down the amount of spoken content proffered to a given account-holder

  2. the number of words known by a student to appear on the downloadable .csv files for 'activity' alongside days active, lessons, skills and XPs

  3. a green/red button by the child's name on Dashboard to show whether a student is logged in to Duolingo [this is to avoid the problem of children using Duolingo without logging in to their account..they get very upset to have missed out on XPs and Lingots]

Thanks for listening

Mark Archer

November 12, 2015



Hello Mark! Thank you for joining us in our first year of Duolingo for Schools, as we, along with the input of teachers, parents and administrators shape it into what we would love to see. Ideas like yours are pouring in and we are considering all of them carefully and releasing new features all the time. Keep an eye in this forum for announcements, and keep the ideas coming!

I am curious though: how are they using Duolingo without logging in? That should not be possible, unless they are doing the welcome lessons over and over again.


Hi Vivisaurus - thanks for your reply. Yes young children sometimes don't remember to log in when they reach the Duolingo site but work away at it nevertheless on welcome lessons! One thing that improved the situation was to have them upload a picture for their account, and most of them know that unless the picture is up there something's wrong, but not always.


Hi Vivisaurus

I had a closer look at the students who were working on Duolingo but not on their account. A few of them had actually thought they were signing in but actually managed to create a new account! (These are 8 or 9 year olds - bear in mind and forget if they don't use Duolingo very regularly.) I wonder if there should not be an "elementary mode" on dashboard for those of us looking after small children.

One other little thing: a "refresh" button when you're on the page viewing a class activities would save having manually to reload the webpage every time one wanted to see how the individual students are doing



Thanks for the update, Mark!

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