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  5. "Это дорогой дом."

"Это дорогой дом."

Translation:It is an expensive house.

November 12, 2015



Это дорогОй дом!


Should "this is an expensive house" be accepted? I was marked incorrect.


I thiink it's Ok. Press the report button next time.


Can it be translated as "This is an expensive house?" Why doesn't DL accept it?

As always, there is much gratitude for your replies!


It should accept it. Это means "this/it (is)", after all. I hope it accepts it now, two years after your post.


The audio says доРОгой instead of дороГОЙ. Shouldn't all the adjectives ending on ой have the stress in the final syllable?


I've notice that, on more than one occasion, there is a difference in the computer voice between emphasized syllables and grammatically stressed syllables, which you can determine by the pronunciation of "o" as "o" instead of the unstressed "o" = "a" sound. The audio is pretty fast here, so it's hard to hear "dah-rah-goy" - and the computer is giving the wrong emphasis to the 2nd syllable. Here's a better computer voice pronouncing the word: https://translate.yandex.ru/?lang=ru-en&text=%D0%B4%D0%BE%D1%80%D0%BE%D0%B3%D0%BE%D0%B9

And it's even more clear at https://forvo.com/word/%D0%B4%D0%BE%D1%80%D0%BE%D0%B3%D0%BE%D0%B9/#ru

I usually report these as "problems with the audio", which you can often do even when you get something right.

But - and that's a big BUT - I believe that Duo has little control over how the audio functions in these matters. It's unfortunate, because Duo really does a very poor job teaching people how to speak Russian phrases and sentences.

The only real way to learn a language with any degree of fluency is to speak it. That's the key to internalizing words and grammar.


Where is the accent in дорогой? Here it sounds like до'рогой and in google translate - доро'гой.


Accent should be on last syllable here, дороГОЙ. In fact, I believe any adjective ending in ой is stressed on the last syllable, and any adjective ending in ий is stressed on some other syllable. Please correct me if I'm wrong.


Can this also translate to "It's a dear house"


No. Unless I overlooked something, you always say to whom the house is dear: «Это дорогой мне дом». Also, the short form would be a much better choice here, but then it has to be predicative (not attributive): «Это дом, который мне дорог».


"dear" can be translated as "expensive" in some contexts.


It should use dear as well from what I know. You can say дорогая девушка to say dear girl.


If the word "дорогая" uses with the person's name then it shows that you appreciate the person. You may use it when you appeal to a person, for example:

"dear Maria" - "дорогая Мария".

Unnamed - is the form of address to each other between spouses or people in couple:

Dear, please buy bread - дорогой (/дорогая), пожалуйста купи хлеб.

If you say so about a girl - the phrase "дорогая девушка" is material in nature. Usually such say about hookers.


Дорогая девушка = expensive girl


Дорогая can also be used to say precious


As far as I know, as a US speaker, "dear" = "expensive" is purely British and possibly used more naturally in the predicate, as in "Life here is very dear." Maybe a British speaker can weigh in on whether your translation is possible.


I translated it as "This is a pricey house." and it marked me wrong. Surely this is a valid translation?


Yeah, but "pricey" feels almost colloquial and I'd avoid stuff that's not the obvious translation that duo is going to have.


Yes, definitely. This isn't a creative writing course.


Funny - I first heard it as "Это дрогой дом", which seemed like "It is a friendly home/house". Duo counted that as a typo.


дом m inan  (genitive до́ма,  nominative plural дома́ (IRREGULAR!),  genitive plural домо́в)

Does anyone know why the stress shifts?


Nominative m. э́тот, n. э́то, f. э́та; plural э́ти

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