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When will Russian be available on mobile

Do we have an estimate on the release date for Russian for English speakers on mobile?

November 12, 2015



I use it on the app, a message will come up saying it's not available for the app, then I just hit the back button and it works on the app.


They will only release it on the apps when it is almost ready to graduate from beta. It will also have to be scheduled into the workloads of each app team so it may not be released on all apps at the same time.

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Yes, it depends on the average number of reports for a certain amount of time. The courses can still be in beta. iOS and Android (not to forget WindowsPhone) have different metrics for some reasons.

This means, that the course contributors should have an estimate based on these metrics (Team Norwegian and Turkish had a pretty good idea, for example).



For a while try using the mobile version of the website, I actually like it much more than the app.


Does it use more data ?

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