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  5. "Bears eat everything."

"Bears eat everything."

Translation:Медведи едят всё.

November 12, 2015



I'm glad I can scream "bears are eating everything!" in Russian now. I can see this being useful in many situations


Well, hey, it's Russia we're talking about. Медведи везде!


I love your coment dude


Is the difference between едят and ест just that one refers to a plural subject and the other is singular?


Yes, go here and expand the section that says 'conjugations': https://en.wiktionary.org/w/index.php?title=есть&oldid=36585563


Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.


Fact, bears eat beets.


Identity theft is not a joke, Jim!


Galaxy battleships


Would "Медведи всё едят" be wrong? I thought the sentence order didn't make much of a difference.


Sentence order almost always makes a difference. People seem to say that Russian has free word order, but it doesn't seem very different to how flexible English can be. If you're not simply emphasizing a certain point, you may wind up sounding poetic, like Yoda, or like you're from the year 1600 if you use certain orders. If you are a US English speaker in high school or beyond, think of the SAT English portion where you choose the sentences that best convey the intended meanings. Duolingo is choosing those sentences. That doesn't mean the others are wrong.

The difference here is that with едат last, you are saying - Bears EAT everything. I can only imagine this making a lot of sense if you were saying something like - Bears DESTROY everything and bears EAT everything so be careful in the wilderness to keep your camp safe from bears.

I'm sure you have already discovered this in your studies by now, but I hope this helps new learners like myself. I'm just another English speaker who loves language and wants to eventually be amazing at Russian.


can somebody reply this question?


In general, Duolingo wants neutral word order. But in Russian, you will often find the pronoun before the verb if the pronoun is in some way the object of the verb (ie. Медведи всё едят is definitely fine)


What is the difference between всё and все?


всё=everything; все = plurals for the pronoun "весь" (all, the whole of), it uses with the nouns as adjective( все медведи) or все=everyone, it depends on context


I got it wrong because I typed кушают instead of едят. Different words, same meaning. Is there a rule about this?


"Все" и "всё" another words?


They are both forms of весь. https://en.m.wiktionary.org/wiki/весь

Typically все means everyone, and всё means everything.

Also remember that many times in print ё is written е. I think this is just out of convenience, but I'm not sure.


So i can easily read what the sentence is saying but I cant understand when i listen to it. Does anyone have good tips???!!!

  • For Russian->English exercises try listening to the sentences before you ever read them and pick out as many words as you can. Do this for every sentence, but probably not more than once or twice per sentence otherwise you'll be in Duolingo all day. I end up having to squint a bit so I can find the play button, but won't be tempted to read the sentence.

  • Mouse over individual words to have the computer repeat them slowly

  • Attempt English->Russian exercises either in your head, or out loud, before you even start to type, select words, or pick the appropriate sentence (depending on the exact exercise).

  • While typing is important, try using the speech-to-text feature of your phone/computer for SOME English->Russian exercises

  • There are several Russian language learning youtube channels which are entirely in Russian with English or Russian subs, Natasha Speaks comes to mind

  • Here are 11 short stories with very slow accompanying audio http://www.russianforfree.com/texts.php

  • Watch more media... Masha and the Bear, and Silver Spoon (мажор?), are both on Netflix. Moskflim and Film.ua both have full length movies and TV shows on youtube. There are also a number of science shows: агрессивная среда, большой скачок, and эксперименты.


Да уж,ответ "медведи всеядны" не принимает.Догадывался,что ответ не будет принят,просто не хотел писать банальщину. Bears are omnivorous


What about медведи - всеядны?


Anyone know why at "медведи" the "в" spelled as "л"?


I'm not sure what you mean. Could you elaborate?

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