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"Анна бы лучше училась, если бы не опаздывала каждый день."

Translation:Anna would study better if she were not late every day.

November 12, 2015



Can I just give a quick shout out to the native Russian speakers who created these lessons? The "slow speed" of the pronunciations is the best I've heard in any lesson, for any language, on Duolingo -- ever.

Your enunciation is almost flawless, and it's a great help.


The native Russian speakers have made it clear on the forum discussions for other exercises that "лучше учиться" refers to the results of study, so "study better" is a misleading translation. Better translations would be: "Anna would get better grades / marks / results ... " or "Anna would do better / do better in school ... " So I've flagged the exercise.


Your учиться means "learn" while this lesson uses училась for "study".


Училась is a conjugated form of учиться


Why " she WERE"??


This is the oft neglected English subjunctive. ''If she were'' is actually correct here but you'll usually hear most native speakers saying ''if she was'' instead - which is so widespread now that it should also probably be considered correct at this point.


If she (weren't)!!! Late every day . I know she takes is am i wrong?


Anna would learn better if she were not late every day.


Why is "Anna would've studied better if she were not late every day" incorrect?

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