"Вера администратор кафе."

Translation:Vera is the café's administrator.

November 12, 2015



Not sure this is a very natural title in English - is this like a manager?

November 12, 2015


I've had a job entitled administrator. I paid salaries and sent out bills, etc. Not in a café but it is a thing.

November 15, 2015


Yeah I totally didn't mean to write it off as a job, I just had a bit of trouble picturing what it involved in this (apparently very well organised) cafe :)

November 16, 2015


Oh, I didn't take it as an insult or anything ;)

November 16, 2015


"Vera is the café's manager" is an accepted translation, fwiw. (As is "Vera is the café manager.")

July 7, 2018


I wrote "Vera is the coffee administrator"... Lol

April 13, 2016


So did I and I was very confused by what that job was

March 3, 2019


Where is "an" indicated? Just assumed? Because I wrote "Vera is administrator of the cafe" and it is incorrect.

April 13, 2016


It shouldn't be. You'd be safer writing "the administrator", but you're far from wrong in leaving off "the"

September 19, 2018


Unrelated question but does Russian have a word for "barista"?

October 22, 2016


It is бариста.

October 22, 2016


Why isn't kafe before administrator? It's an adjective? Is one of those words in a genitive or possessive form?

November 20, 2015


кафе is in Genitive, though, you cannot really tell because all its forms are the same. Anyway, кафе goes second because this is how you use Genitive modifiers:

  • хозяин ресторана = an owner of a the restaurant
  • теория относительности = the theory of relativity
  • бутылка молока = a bottle of milk
  • коробка конфет = a box of candy/chocolates
November 20, 2015


Пожалуйста, господин хозяин ресторана, дайте мне бутылку молока, коробку конфет, и объяснение теории относительности.

This sentence. This is why I joined Duo. (Thank you, Shady Arc.)

October 28, 2017


Thanks Shady_arc for the clarification. So, I assume the genitive here indicates possession, kind of "the administrator of (or pertaining to) the café"

March 4, 2017


Why isn't it кафя. That looks so wrong, but I am just following the rules on Genitive that I got... не знаю

January 24, 2019


That's the thing with neuter loanwords. They only have one form (if the word is a direct borrowing without any wrapping with Russian suffixes). The same goes for loanwords that do not match any declension patterns or feminine loanwords that do not end in -а/я (e.g. names like Маргарет).

The difference is, neuter-looking loanwords do seem to have the same endings as Russian neuter nouns but end up indeclinable.

January 24, 2019


I had totally forgotten that кафе is indeclinable (like кофе), so I was really confused about why it wasn't кафя. Just thought I'd post this to validate anybody else's confusion. :)

January 8, 2019


''this café's administrator'' must be correct as well

February 21, 2019
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