Thank you to everyone who has worked on developing the Russian course, which I am finding very useful in consolidating my knowledge of the language. Will the "immersion" facility will be available in Russian, and, if so, at which level does it become available?

November 12, 2015


Help! I noticed that Russian speakers had immersion translation levels on their profiles for English/Russian translation, so I decided to try adding English for Russian speakers to my courses. To do this, I had to claim to be a Russian speaker. Duolingo has now added Level 1 English to my profile (and given me access to English-Russian translation) but removed everything else, like Russian for English Speakers and French for English speakers. Does anyone know how to solve this problem? (I don't mind too much if I can't have English for Russian speakers, but I would like to have everything else back).

Duolingo only shows the courses you are doing in one base language at a time. So as long as you have your base language set to Russian, you will only see the English for Russian speakers course. To access your courses for English speakers simply go back to Add a New Course > change the language to English > choose one of your courses > click Switch to course. Et voilà your previous courses should be back except now you won't be able to see the English for Russian speakers course. And don't worry, Duolingo doesn't lose your progress when you switch between base languages like this.

Thank you. I did manage to work this out eventually - I think I'll stick to Russian for English speakers for the time being.

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