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  5. "На траве лежит девочка."

"На траве лежит девочка."

Translation:A girl is lying on the grass.

November 12, 2015



The report is not going through, but "on the grass lies a girl" should be accepted.


Maybe this is colloquial, but I say /in/ the grass. Do many others say the same?


I would say on the grass. Unless the grass is tall, then I would say in.


I also say in, even if its meant on


This must be colloquial. I thought the same thing


ffs.. i got rejected twice on this first i said "a girl is on the grass" since in literally every other question "is" was accepted as a translation for "лежит" but THIS time it wasn't good enough.. then "A girl is lying in the grass" wasn't accepted.. it gets so wearysome getting rejected answers when you clearly know what the sentence means. Apparently lots of other people got this sentence rejected and reported it months ago.. why do none of these issues ever get corrected? Hint: if a lot of people say the same answer should be accepted, maybe at least look into it.

Yes, we Americans say "in the grass" if someone is lying in the grass.


when should someone use девочка instead of девушка ?


девочка is for girls below age 13 i think.. like little girl девушка is somewhere about 17 and over in this case it can be any.. so maybe you should report.


Is there any reason why "A girl is on the grass" isn't accepted?


Is "There is a girl lying on the grass" correct?


In the grass would be more common in English.


Why do I not hear the "l" sound in this sentence? Is it a fluke of the pronunciation, or is there some rule where the "l" sound is elided? It seems like there are some forms of the word for "teacher" were I also do not hear an "l".


Она говорит девочка !!!


Я тебя не понимаю. "Она говорит девочка" = She speaks the girl ???


Девочка remains in the nominative case because she is the subject of the action лежит, correct? (Or shall I say... правильно?)


Да, правильно.


... and she could hear the highway breathing...


When is it "a girl..." compared to being translated to "the girl..."


In or on in English is very Regional. In New York City we say I'm standing in line other places they say I'm standing on line


The conjugation of the verb "to lay" is wrong; my answer got rejected because I used the correct form "A girl is laying on the grass". The form "lying" comes from the verb "to lie".

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