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  5. "Dieser Hals gefällt mir."

"Dieser Hals gefällt mir."

Translation:This neck is appealing to me.

January 8, 2013


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... said Dracula!


This neck is appealing to me. What is that??


I think this is to help you to understand the German sentence structure. More natural would be "I like this neck", but then there would be questions like "why is I like and not the neck likes?"


I think he's just talking about how the sentence makes no sense. I would be very impressed if someone came up with a situation where "I like this neck" would be used in normal conversation. I imagine it is the same with the german sentence.


"Bertha looks at these nice turkey parts. Oh, those thighs look nice, and look at those wings and necks. I like this neck."


Might not be so unusual in a hospital, especially a plastic surgeon or similar.


The sentence could be used when talking about guitar necks maybe


So can Hals actually be referred to as "embrace", because i chose that (it seemed to be the only logical choice) and it wasn't accepted.


Uhm, no, hug/embrace is a whole nother word. Die Urmarmubg if anyone's wondering. No difference in german between hugging and embracing as far as I know.

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