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The day of the French language!

Today, we in the Netherlands (I do not know about any other countries, or even if the whole Netherlands celebrates it) celebrate ''De dag van de Franse taal'' (the day of the French language). And my school wouldn't be my school if all of the French teachers had planned something for this special occasion. In the hallway, a pole with all of the flags of the countries in which French is spoken had been put up: I believe those were Belgium, Canada, France, Morocco and Switzerland. Many French phrases were also put all around the school. I've seen a lot of ''Bonjours'' and ''Au revoirs''. But the best thing was that in the breaks you could get a croissant. You had to order them in French, otherwise the French teachers wouldn't give you one. Thus everyone was screaming: ''Je peux avoir un croissant?!'' and then the teachers got mad and screamed back: ''S'il vous plaît!'' since we didn't ask politely enough. All of the lessons on the day were also in the theme of France and other French speaking places, in English class we talked about how so many French words are in the English language and during the geography lesson we discussed the topography of France.

Now I'm wondering, does anyone of you also celebrate this day? Or is this just something we have at our school. Please let me know!

November 12, 2015



We definitely don't have that in America, or at least where I live here in Illinois. Although, when I was in 8th grade, we did have something called French Café, where all the 8th grade students learning French would be waiters/waitresses and they would serve some high schoolers (which are learning French also) and some French teachers from the high school. They weren't allowed to speak a word of English, and if they did, they would get a zero. This went on for an entire school day. I didn't participate because I was taking Spanish in school, but my closest friends were taking French and they said it was very stressful for them, because the high school students were speaking faster and using more vocab than the 8th graders knew. But in the end, it turned out great! :)


I live in Illinois also around. And yes agreed we have nothing like that.


It sounds stressful, but also quite fun! I wish we had that, but my school only teaches Spanish, and it's not very good. There have been four different teachers in the past few years, so we haven't made much progress in learning.


You know there are 29 countries where French is an official language? And there are many more where French is spoken despite not being an official language of the country.


I'm home schooled so I don't.


Je sais juste que L'ONU célèbre la journée de la langue Française le 20 Mars. Le mois de mars est ainsi " Le mois de la Francophonie". 5 Autres langues sont aussi célébrées par L'ONU.



I wonder if they'd have it over in Louisiana!


I never heard of this but it sounds so cool and I wish we had this too.!


I don't have that kind of day, either


Never heard of it before. Why do you guys have a French day? We have Cinco de Mayo but only so we can drink. It's the only foreign holiday we come close to celebrating in the US. Do the French have a French day?


Bastille Day - 14th July. It is like the 4th of July in the US.


No but I wish we did!


That's a pretty cool celebration. We don't have that where I am (cause we already talk French here anyway). but I never heard about this before either.

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