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Oh no! I'm losing motivation for learning German. I'm starting to put practicing off until later and later. I don't have a good reason for learning the language (it's more of a "why not" type of thing) so this was bound to happen eventually. Yet, I don't want to stop learning. Can anyone help me out with little motivational things?


Best of luck in all of your studies!

2 years ago



1 Hey, do you see your 179 day streak?! Would you just ruin that by being to lazy one day? 2 You may talk english at home, if you do you can speak to many people. But if you keep practicing you will be able to talk to 200 MILLION people more!

2 years ago


your situation is common I think if your heart is set on german find things you like about german.the culture .food, people ,music anything there must be something that made you choose german and not Spanish or French or chinese

2 years ago

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You can look at the article I uploaded to Immersion. :D https://www.duolingo.com/translation/425e9ab4e687af3c15fe8a1ce5e2e6d9

2 years ago


well, first you can set a notification. if you get far enough, you might actually get interested and want to do it. you can also ask people on here or friends that you know to ask you questions so that you are kind of getting a quiz and dont want to fail. if you are looking for a friend to help you study, i would help you, except im not learning german. just look on discussions fo rthe german forum and yo can probably find some one there. i hope that this helps!

2 years ago

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Well there is research suggesting knowing a second language can delay cognitive decline 4 years. Which could translate into 4 years of not living in a nursing home. So think of it like physical exercise, or proper dieting you do daily to have a long healthy life.

2 years ago