"The park is here."

Translation:Парк здесь.

November 12, 2015

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What's wrong with Вот парк?


I'm not a native speaker so I may get this wrong.

"Вот парк." means "Here is the park." but it could also be translated "Look, the park!" The word "Вот" has a meaning close to the exclamations "look!" or "behold!" in English. It can be used to mean "Here is..." but it cannot be used in a more general sense to mean "here". For this you need здесь or тут. These have a meaning more like "at this point", which is the meaning of "here" in this sentence.


Здесь is a function of location, x is (located) here, is my mom here? Вот is a function of giving or presenting something, Here is my mom, Here is the report.

Unless you own a park or built one, you can't present it like this


But you can present it. Duo uses it in that sense in many examples. Only this time we are talking about a park instead of a country.

Your comment about the use of here would suggest that .....in this conversation the speaker is saying the park is here as if the listener was not aware or confused about where they were in relation to the park. It is possible for that to be the case but it is equally possible to point to a park on a map or from a vantage point.


This was an awesome explanation. I did not know why Duo kept marking my answer wrong. Thanks!


does 'здесь парк' mean something different (in terms of emphasis)?

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    Yes. In «Здесь парк», the listener doesn't know what's situated in a certain place and you tell her it's a park: Here's a park. In «Парк здесь», the listener knows about the park and you tell them its location: The park is here.


    I put the same wrong answer :(. Maybe Вот парк is more like "here, look at this park I'm showing you" and парк здесь is more similar to "this area of physical land is a park." Am I correct, friends??


    I'd say you are quite correct. With 'вот' you present something, like the French 'voilà'. It can also mean that I hand you something if it is small enough.

    'здесь/тут' put empathise on the location. I admit, the difference can be rather supple sometimes. And of course one can say 'парк вот здесь' which underlines that the park is 'over here' and not around the corner, for example.

    In this case, like szeraja_zhaba already explained nicely, one person just shows another where the park is situated. The other way round "here is a/the park" it could be both 'вот парк' and 'здесь парк', depending how and what you want to stress.


    I hear it as: park is this


    When does здесь go at the beginning of the sentence and at the end?

    For example in the sentence Here is the park, it goes at the end but if you say Mum and dad are here it goes at the beginning, why?


    I believe you are focusing on the wrong word to put at the back or front, if you will. "Park" is the word dictating it's position. If the park is known, as best as I can convey, it is "The park" and you would place it at the beginning of the sentence. On the other hand, if it is just "a park", you would place it at the end of the sentence signifying it isn't a specific park. "Here" is merely the location.

    Парк здесь. The park is here. Здесь есть парк. There is a park here.

    I hope this helps!


    When is it Парк, and when do I use Паркe


    Use парке after a preposition like в or на.


    There was a sentence a while back that said "Эта женщина ест яблоко" translating to "The woman eats an apple". Why, in this case, is there seeming to be no "the" in "Парк здесь" when in the first example, "Эта" symbolized "the"?


    The is included for the benefit of English speakers. Russians don't use definite articles in the same way as English.

    A literal translation would be ....park here....

    Duo would get hundreds of complaints if that is the answer that they required.


    Why can't I say "Здесь парк"? Does it have a different meaning or..?


    Is there any difference between "тут" and "здесь"


    After hearing Russians speak, They use "тут" in replacement of "здесь" Its just a synonym of the same word. Im not sure if its because its eaier to use in conversation or what, but its the same meaning


    Technicaly word order is not important here


    What's the difference between тут and там

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    here / there.

    Тут is a rather context-dependent "here" associated with the place and situation speaker is in. That said, тут and здесь are quite interchangeable and both mean "here" (i.e. "in this place"): only statistics shows that different contexts prefer one or another.

    Both are very common, among the top-200 most frequent words in Russian.


    Hmm, what about этот здесь парк? I understand that the order here is making a emphasis, but why этот can't be placed here?


    I believe that would be saying "this park is here" rather than "the park is here"


    hmm that makes sense. Gosh! The lack of articles in Russian gonna drive me crazy :P

    Thank you for the answer!


    What's wrong with "Это парк здесь" ?

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