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  5. "У меня нет девушки."

"У меня нет девушки."

Translation:I do not have a girlfriend.

November 12, 2015



This is hilarious! My girlfriend does this, my girlfriend likes to do that. And then , toward the end: I do not have a girlfriend. Well done, DL.


I was also happy in the beginning that I have her, even if it's imaginary, in DL... but then this one broke my heart :(


don't worry. after this course you will have a girlfriend from Russia, Ukraine or Belarus:D


please, i hope it


Downvote for false promise Then upvote for The Hope


Good luck. Удачи!


Удачи!!! :-))) Надежда умирает последней. :-)))


Надежда knows no national boundaries! :)


Thats a good thought my friend !!!


Don't you know that DL is good at pranking sometimes? Lol


If his girlfriend eats on the bed, doesn't cook and likes only to sleep, he should be grateful that he dodged the bullet.


You're very handsome


I think it goes with the territory of language learning to have a lot of drama in the story.


Tfw no qt Russian gf who'll cook борщ for me everyday ;_;

Why do i even live...


4chan has leaked onto duolingo


For the interwebz-illiterate: That face when no cutey girlfriend


But it gives me more time to study languages ;)


This is REALITY.


My boyfriend and i are learning together on DL. Not sure how i feel about them teaching him this phrase though..


because у тебя нет девушки


There are thouse lucky ones whose girlfriends' speak their target language, soo... (° ο°) But otherwise I believe your parlance to be accurate on most dudes shuahsuahs'


How do we differentiate between "Girlfriend" and "girl" as in daughter? I translated it as "I don't have any girls" but was marked as incorrect.


«У меня нет девушки» can only be used about a girfriend (more precisely, lack thereof). With girls as daughters you MIGHT use «У меня нет девочек» but that would be a rather odd choice.


So a more natural way to say "I don't have a daughter"would be "у миня нет дочи"?


У меня нет дочери (or У меня нет дочки).

Note that мать and дочь have irregular oblique forms and plurals (e.g., матери and дочери). They are all formed as if the words were «матерь» and «дочерь».


I would venture a guess that the original words for "mother" and "daughter" were indeed «матерь» and «дочерь» but they were shortened over time. This guess is based on the resemblance to the English words, as well as to the German «Mutter» and «Tochter», which suggests similar words in PIE.

Am I right?


Yes, although I don't know Russian etymology I believe you're right. You can add Latin to illustrate your "mother" example: mater (as in "alma mater")


У меня нет дочь is the correct translation for i have a daughter right ?


No, when you Don't have something, the noun you don't have changes to the genitive case. У меня нет дочери. (I don't have a daughter) У меня есть дочь. (I have a daughter) or Здесь есть люди. (there are people here) Здесь нет людей. (there are no people here)


No. It means "I don't have a daughter". Can a native Russian speaker tell me if "daughter" should be in the genitive case after a negative?


A Russian speaker told me to think of it, "Of a girlfriend, I have not." In Russian, you don't have "of" something.


I know that feeling, bro ;_;


Spring is coming, Duo needs a „девушка” soon


I wish you could see the tears roll down my face as you made me type this you filthy animals


Does it drive anyone else crazy when testing for a higher level that Duolingo keeps switching back and forth (almost from screen to screen) between typing in Russian and typing in English? Why can't they have the English portion and then the Russian. A small complaint, but to me it's like the ancient Chinese water torture . . . drip, drip, drip . . .


It would be much better if several questions could be done in Cyrillic script, then others in Roman script. It is not very difficult to learn to type in Cyrillic script, which maps easily onto the Qwerty keyboard, once one has copied out a Cyrillic keyboard, and switched one's keyboard language to Russian. It is however very annoying to have to change keyboards every other question.


Excellent! Thank you for understanding. :-)


There is nothing in the comments about the declension of девушка. I do not understand why the translation is not "I don't have any girls." Please someone explain this. It is obvious to me that a father who has children would say he has no daughters when he means he has only sons. So please explain why the translation would not also imply that. Isn't the correct word for girlfriend подруга? Thus I completely fail to understand the developer's correct answers. I need both declension and idiomatic usage discussed, as well as for comparison the more formal usage.


подруга is a word for a friend who is a female. It is also what you might use for a girlfriend if you are that modest and shy. Девушка is the de facto standard. It gets fuzzier with boys because there is neither an agreed-on term for a young male, nor a universal word for a boyfriend. Молодой человек, even though a bit formal in sound, is the most widespread term for the latter among people approximately my age. Парень is also an option, quite informal in sound.

Девушка's plural is девушки. The word's Genitive singular is девушки, and the Genitive plural is девушек.

The word девушка also means a young woman (older than 12-15 but usually younger than 30). These are not usually possessed.

[deactivated user]

    It is also what you might use for a girlfriend if you are that modest and shy

    Around me, подруга is rarely used for a man's female friends. For me, this largerly is the word to describe a woman's female friends. For male's friends, I would use друг regardless of the gender (women can use друг too), and when a male calls someone подруга, this more often than not means a 'girlfriend'.

    Of course, this is not universal (obviously, «Подруга дней моих суровых» can't be understood this way :D), but probably it can explain why some people suggest подруга as a translation for 'girlfriend'.


    Yeah, I prefer знакомая for my female friends. Actually, I don't think I use подруга for my friends at all.


    Please translate "подруга дней моих суровых" and give its source. It sounds like a quotation from one of the Russian classics - Pushkin? - but you probably can't rely on Duo students' knowledge of the Russian classics in their original version.


    Well done! It does, indeed, appear to be Pushkin

    (link has side-by-side English/Russian translation, though I'm just a student as well so I can't speak to the quality of it)


    Given the plural of Девушка is девушки..... Could this be translated to "I have no girlfriends"?


    No. Девушки is the nominative plural as well as genitive singular, but нет requires genitive case. Genitive plural is девушек.


    Sorry for leaving a clutter comment, but I have to say that when people answer my silly questions, it puts a lot of value in this site for me and relieves my frustration. I think I am slowly developing a better understanding of the cases, thank you!


    Нет requires genitive case, so "девушки" here is genitive singular, not nominative plural. If it was "girls" then the Russian would need to be "девушек". As for "girlfriend" - I too had learned that the correct word was "подруга". It seems though, based not only on this course but on everything else I've read, that that was incorrect and the correct word, in modern Russian usage at least, is in fact "девушка".


    in a previous sentence "Дженни не девушкА но моя кошка" if I remember well, it was explained that "девушка" should be in nominative case and not genitive even if it is negative....so why genitive here?


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    My girlfreind is just like an ANGEL. Because people say it is exist but I never seen her before..


    This sentence it's really useful


    Насвегда сам?


    The dissatisfaction of the TTS voice is real.


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    Poor Duo! Helping so many people, yet himself alone.


    This is impossible in russia


    Story of my life


    Right to the feels...


    Now was not this time to remind me. :(


    Thanks for reminding me haha


    У меня тоже нет девушки


    Same here buddy, don't beat yourself up about it, you'll find someone.


    ❤❤❤❤ off, Duo, you crossed the line, son. Next time imma uninstall yo ass, boy..


    Touche duolingo touche


    Isn't девушки plural?

    [deactivated user]

      Well, sometimes it is plural, but not here.

      Russian nouns have several forms called cases. The most common case is nominative, it’s used when girls is the subject of the sentence:

      • Де́вушка чита́ет ‘A/the girl is reading’
      • Де́вушки чита́ют ‘[The] girls are reading’

      So, you’re partially right, де́вушки is indeed plural in many situations.

      But to express absence, we use «нет» with a different form, genitive case. In genitive case, де́вушки is singular, and де́вушек is plural:

      • Здесь нет де́вушки ‘There is no girl here’
      • Здесь нет де́вушек ‘There are no girls here’

      This is also the form used after «у», the a preposition to express possessor:

      • У де́вушки нет книг ‘[The/a] girl doesn’t have books’
      • У де́вушек нет книг ‘[The] girls don’t have books’

      So, «де́вушки» can be both nominative plural or genitive singular. You need to use the context to find out the exact meaning: if it’s preceded by «у» or used with «нет», then it’s genitive singular. In other cases, it’s likely to be nominative plural.


      Thank you Duolingo, I really appreciate it...


      how do you say "tfw" in russian?



      quit reminding me, please.

      Edit: literally two questions later, they made me say it.


      "I don't have a girlfriend" is not accepted. Why and how would you say this in Russian?


      ...sorry mistyped....I meant "I don't have ANY girlfriend" is not accepted.


      If only it was accompanied by a crying Wojak


      Ah the phrase i use very often ; (


      Most useful sentence so far


      Feels bad man


      Thanks, Duolingo. Very cool.


      Y u do this to me Duolingo


      I've literally just had this sentence 3 times in a row


      What's wrong with "I haven't a girlfriend"? Does DL speak English??


      You probably don't, since "I have not a girlfriend" is not a phrase anyone would use.


      Do we really have to be so strict about dropping "a" from answers? Some get accepted and some aren't, would be nice if it would be standarized.


      Sentences should (ideally) be written in passable English:

      • Это вода. = This (that, it) is water OR This (that,it) is the water
      • Вот стул. = Here is a chair / Here is the chair.

      Single words or short fragments might drop the initial article:

      • вода = water/ the water
      • высокое здание = high(tall) building / a high (tall) building / the high (tall) building
      • крыша здания = roof of the building / roof of a building / the roof of the building / the roof of a building / a roof of the building / a roof of a building / the building's roof / building's roof /a building's roof


      Mah man Duo, teaching me important sentences in several languages.


      Same here comrade.


      This one will be useful


      you have to say it to


      Is девушка used only for girlfriend or it could also mean young girl?, if not, How do you say young girl?


      Most often this word means a girl who is not a child


      Why is it written девушки instead of девушка?


      я тоже


      Is girlfriend in genitive because of negation, or because she is possessed by the subject?


      It is negation. Нет will cause the subject to switch to the Genitive (same with не было and не будет):

      • У меня есть девушка.
      • У него была девушка.
      • У него не будет девушки.
      • У меня нет девушки.
      • У меня не было девушки


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      Ovvio. Passi troppo tempo su DUOLINGO.

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