"Mice are looking for free cheese."

Translation:Мыши ищут бесплатный сыр.

November 12, 2015

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bwahahahaha I like it!

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    There's a nice comics about free cheese:


    Not sure if you want to try reading it yourself. If you don't, here's a translation: https://pastee.org/kc5j8


    bwahahahaha that's kind of mean but I kinda love it :D


    because they lost all their money ))


    the verb is iskat'?


    Yeah. Same as писать, this one (искать) has a consonant mutation in ALL non-past forms (ищу, ищешь, ищет, ищем, ищете, ищут).

    This pattern is actually "irregular" but, well... it has over a hunder verb stems :). Apart from the missing vowel and the mutation it behaves like the regular verb читать (in "читать", the endings are added directly to the чита- part)


    Thank you very much for the explanations! I'm french and my english too is not good!


    If you are looking for the same, you know ;) who you are


    What's the difference between свобода and бесплатно?


    Свобода is like the concept of freedom - the ability to do things, the function of not being locked in a prison.

    Бесплатно is free as in not costing money.

    Although they're related words in English, in other languages they aren't necessarily related at all.

    If you need a way to remember, then you can look at the root meaning of бесплатно, which comes from бесплатный;
    без "without" (бес is I imagine either an alternative spelling or a corruption, I don't know enough of the etymology to be sure)
    платный paid, sth for which you can be charged

    So бесплатно is "without payment" or in English more commonly free. The construction of бес or без to change the meaning of a word in Russian to its opposite is quite common. Беспокоиться to worry or to be without peace (покой), безопасность safety, or without danger (опасность), so remembering this construction will serve you well when you come across such words in the future.

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