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Numbers, numbers, numbers

Good gosh, so many lessons about numbers - who designed this? I'm finding myself looking for ukrainian videos of the count von count on youtube :D

I really appreciate the Ukrainian course, but don't you think you've overdone it a bit with numbers? :D Personally, I would have preferred fewer lessons about the numbers and maybe a lesson about the cases instead. Are cases going to be a topic in later lessons further down the tree or will it stick to the immediate practical approach?

Anyways, don't misunderstand me, please. I think it's totally awesome there's a Ukrainian course available - and it's a lot of fun, too! Thanks a lot for this.

November 12, 2015

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HM ok, another day, another try, but I gotta say: The seemingly endless lessons about numbers and numbers on top of numbers and more numbers are really disencouraging me a lot. It's been a lot of fun up to this point, but I really don't see the point in filling out so much about numbers for the sake of numbers o_o Could you, like, do a little less of that?

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