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  5. "I offer you a drink."

"I offer you a drink."

Translation:Je vous offre à boire.

January 8, 2013



why not un instead of a


"boire" is a verb (to drink) but the English noun "drink" translates in "une boisson".


so would 'Je t'offre une boisson' have been correct?


Would the informal form make sense: "Je tu offre a boire"


That does not work, because the form "tu" is used exclusively as a subject, not as an object :

"je t'offre à boire" = j'offre à boire <à-te> - note the apostrophe in front of vowel "o" of "offre".

also note the accent on preposition "à"


Why 'a' boire? Why the 'a'? Thanks.


Actually "offrir à boire" can be considered as an abbreviation of "offir [quelque chose] à boire" (something TO drink)


My confusion is in the fact that I translate 'offir a boire' (again can't do the accents on this machine w/o the pop up help) as 'to offer a to drink'. Isn't 'boire' to drink? Putting the 'a' in seems redundant.


Yes, "boire" is the verb at its infinitive form. The related noun is "boisson", which is different from the English where "drink" is both the verb and the noun.


if boire is the verb then 'a' should mean 'to' here? NO? Very conmfusing, i lost a heart. Could i have put 'je vous offre un boisson'?


Not all words are directly translated because the two languages are not built the same way. In other words, you should not expect that every time you get "to" it will be "a" in French nor vice-versa.

"Je vous offre UNE boisson" is another way to say "je vous offre à boire". Just remember that "boisson" is feminine.


Except that I entered "je vous offre une boisson" and lost a heart. Could you comment on whether "je vous offre un/une..." is a legitimate generic construction? I'm thinking of examples where, e.g., "baguette", or "biere" is the object. Thanks


"je vous offre un/une..." is a perfectly correct construction.

  • Using une for baguette or bière
  • Using un for café or thé


I put je vous offre une boisson and it was marked correct. So it's either changed, or you thought you typed that but made a mistake somewhere.


'Je te propose un boisson' is correct?


No, "une boisson" is feminine.


yes, indeed, but I'm talking about the verb 'propose'.

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