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"Cups and plates are tableware."

Translation:Чашки и тарелки — это посуда.

November 12, 2015



Is the это needed in this sentence or is it optional? (I am doing the pick an option exercise so I cannot test it)

[deactivated user]

    This sentence sounds very unnatural without «это».


    Why? It's always taken off !!!


    I was doing this as "type in Russian" and it did not accept it without это. I'm not sure why это would be necessary though...


    I have never heard the word "tableware", even after 30 years of American and some international English. I am a native speaker. Posuda is "dishes" or even "kitchenware" which is less specific


    @shani.gorm. - I've just seen your interesting comment. Thank you very much indeed. Very helpful!


    what is the difference between стакан and чашка?

    [deactivated user]

      Стака́н is usually made of glass and has no handle.

      Here's an illustration:

      чашка и стакан


      how would I tell the difference for translation purposes without context "cup of tea" vs "cup of water" or maybe Стака́н should more represent "glass"?

      [deactivated user]

        Yes, «стакан» is usually translated as 'glass'.

        • cup of water = ча́шка воды́,
        • cup of tea = ча́шка ча́я / ча́шка ча́ю,
        • glass of water = стака́н воды́,
        • glass of tea = стака́н ча́я / стака́н ча́ю (to drink this, you'd probably need a glass holder — подстака́нник, otherwise the стакан will get too hot; unless you're drinking cold tea, but it's not popular in Russian-speaking world)


        Why isn't посуда plural?


        Because it is refering to a single group of things as opposed to each individual item in that group. Another example in English would be a crowd. There are many people in a crowd but we talk about them as a single group.


        I am unable to type the long bar before the word зто


        Just to be clear, all nouns in this sentence are in nominative case, right?

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