"Извините, её здесь нет."

Translation:Sorry, she is not here.

November 12, 2015

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I typed in "Excuse me, she is not here" and got it wrong. Is "excuse me" not acceptable?

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    It should be. Please, use the 'Report a Problem' button next time you encounter this sentence.




    status: still not corrected aug 14, 2016 :-(


    Still marked as wrong April 2018!


    Still not fixed on 22nd may 2018


    correct, 25 feb 2022


    Should this be ее or она

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      With «нет», you use the genitive case, so it should be «её».


      How would you do it using она?

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        Well, there're different ways, for example you could use the verb «отсу́тствовать» 'to be absent':

        Извини́те, она́ отсу́тствует. 'Sorry, she is absent.'

        Or you could put it this way:

        Извини́те, она́ не зде́сь. 'Sorry, she is somewhere else.', 'Sorry, she is in another place.'

        This shifts the accents slightly: «её здесь нет» makes an accent on the fact that she is not here (this works better as an answer to the question "Is she here?"), «она́ не зде́сь» makes an accent of the fact that she is somewhere else (this works better as an answer to 'Where is she?'). But the difference is very subtle, and they are interchangeable in most contexts.


        Could you also say она не здесь?


        Would it be possible to write: "Извините онa не здесь" ?

        Thanks in advance for your answer

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          What's the deal with the word order? Why isn't её placed after нет like normal?

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            Basically, we put the new information towards the end. And «её» doesn’t work as new information, because the speaker is expected to know who ‘её’ refers to, so it’s known information.

            «Здесь нет её» could work if you’re showing a photo of a lady (then, it’s new information, you’ve just took out a photo and introduced a new person), but in most contexts it’s unnatural.


            'excuse me, she isn't here' - is obviously a incorrect interpretation in this exercise.

            your mistake is that извините can be used in Russian as either sorry or excuse me.

            from a native USA English speaker, only in a very particular situation would you use excuse me.

            like if a person had offended you while asking if the girl was there.


            You're in a class. The lecturer refers to a person who isn't there. You say, to get their attention, 'Excuse me, she isn't here.'



            A very specific situation indeed.

            Yes, if you interrupt someone to tell them something you would use excuse me. But if you were responding to a question, you would use sorry.

            If you thought this example was about interrupting someone, then choosing excuse me was a wise choice. But it you regularly use excuse me instead of sorry because it is easier to always use the same translation or you think it doesn't make any difference in English, then you were wrong.


            Still marked wron October 12 2018


            How the heck is it, that the answer here is "she is not here" and for "здесь его нет" I have to answer "he is away"? AND the other way around is counted as wrong!


            It cannot recognize my voice from 4 INCHES AWAY


            Is " она не здесь" wrong? Or sounds like bad russian?

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