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  5. "I play with them."

"I play with them."

Translation:Ich spiele mit ihnen.

January 8, 2013



I think "ihnen" is correct here because it is the dative "they". Typically when a pronoun follows "mit", it is used in the dative case. Right?


Yes, mit forces dative.


all of the answer options were wrong...


I just had the option of "Ich spiele mit ihnen." "Mit" is a dative preposition, which makes the correct translation of "them" "ihnen."


These were my options :- 1 Ich spiele mit dem. 2 Ich spiele mit euch. 3 Ich spiele mit denen. I chose option 2 which was marked wrong. I thought euch was dative and therefore the only correct answer. I do not know what the correct answer should have been.


answer 2. is wrong because it does not fit with the English sentence ("them"). I would have tried the 3...

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