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Yes, another one has done the German Tree

Finally, after almost 2 years, I completed my German tree just as I achieved level 20.

Next for me is turning all Units Gold, English from German and finishing my French tree (December /Jan for that I hope).

Oh and listening to more German TV and radio and completing my Goethe Institute course.

Can only say that I was in Berlin two weeks ago - understanding German spoken at speed was nearly impossible but I could comfortably communicate my needs and ask people to slow down when talking!

Long way to go but Duolingo has kept me going - well done, Duolingo team; your work is appreciated. Thanks.

Thanks too, to those of you who answer those questions in the discussions - great work and I will return the favour as I get better.

Now, when are you Duolingo guys going to allow us to buy a limited edition Gold Owl T-Shirt?

November 12, 2015



Congratulations on a job well done! I lived in Berlin some years ago when it was a divided city; I was forever saying :Bitte, sprechen Sie langsam und deutlich. That city is now gone with the wind, so to speak. It's on my bucket list to walk under the Brandenburg Gate ( which I couldn't do because of the Wall ) and spend just one night at the restored Hotel Adlon. I wish you all the best.


Yes I visited there in 1976 when the wall was there.

Berin is still quite a unique city but be warned, the Adlon is REALLY expensive.

Get there quick - things are changing rapidly.


Did you visit what was then East Berlin? It was like entering a different world, wasn't it? And yes, I know the Adlon is VERY expensive, hence the one night stay. When I lived in Berlin, I stayed with a German family for DM40 a month, and at that time you got DM4 for one American dollar. I probably wouldn't recognize much of the Berlin I knew. After yesterday's horrific event in Paris, I fear no European city is safe any more. And I live in New York, also a much changed city after 9/11.


Yes, I visited East Berlin but I was only 14 at the time and probably didn't get the full benefit of its weirdness but it was strange indeed.

Wrto changes - a lot of the old apartment builidings remain and I was told by the locals that it is possible to get a quite central and decent 2 bed apartment for 3-500 euros a month so it retains its affordability.

It is still quite a counter-cultural city too.

Having said all of that, I live in London but I would still prefer New York most of all, changed or not!


I love London although I haven't been there in years. I Skype with a Dutch friend who lives in Amsterdam which, I'm told, is also a much changed city. I'm surprised that you prefer New York to London. I was born and raised here, but were I ever to move, it would be a difficult choice between London and Berlin.


Herzlichen Glückwunsch :)


Great job on completing your german tree!


Congrats on your tree! Great idea for a shirt. Now I want one too!


Great job! Big congrats!


That's awesome! Congratulations to you for a job well done. Have fun putting that German to good use!


Now you must go to Munich. This is next level of German :D


Once in Bayern I heard something like "des interessiert mir ois ned"... I spent so much time trying to realize what is the meaning of that :))) Finally I realized that is was "das interessiert mich überhaupt nicht". Austrian German is also amazing! :)))


Glückwunsch zum Sieg!!! :)) Congratulations on your victory!


Wow! I need to complete the tree too


Kannst du ein Bisschen langsamer typen bitte, ich möchte auch gerne Ihnen verstehen ;)

(Pardon my French, still learning)


Careful not to mix "du" and "Ihnen" in the same sentence. du goes with "dich" or the dative "dir". And I think you mean "tippen" for typing.

Keep going there, you're doing well.


Thanks, good tips! Working on my German grammar as we speak and will continue to do so.


Ich auch. Ich muss in drei Wochen meine B1 prüfung zu machen. Katastrophe!


Congratulations! I agree, Duolingo is a great learning site & has encouraged me to continue with German. Good luck with the French. Looking forwards to seeing that T shirt!


Congratulations my friend!


Congrats!. I completed the german tree from english (knowing zero german) in less than 90 days. But my level is only 14. A long way to your 20 and to really understand and speak the language!.


90 days - wow! You are clever!


Great learning. I completed the tree once at level 12 but then they made an update and so now I'm still working on it.


Yes, the update was a shock - I was one lesson from comleting my tree when it was introduced.


Congrats! :D You can buy Duo Gear here, but I don't know if there is a Gold Owl T-Shirt: http://gear.duolingo.com


No gold t-shirt - I think Duolingo is missing a trick there - it would be something to be proud of!


Congratulations on completing your German Tree! :D

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