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  5. "I have milk."

"I have milk."

Translation:У меня есть молоко.

November 12, 2015



If I say "У меня молокo" is there a difference in meaning?

[deactivated user]

    It would mean that the 'existence' or 'having' is not the new information. In «У меня́ молоко́», «молоко́» is the new information: i.e. the listener knows I have something, and I want to say what exactly I have. So «у меня́ молоко́» would be translated 'What I have is milk'.


    From my novice understanding, what this sentence really means is "By me (у меня) there is (есть) milk (молоко)." With that in mind, your sentence would probably be understandable as the same meaning, but I'm not sure.


    Would Молоко у меня be also correct?


    Depends on the context. E.g. I have the milk! Now we run!


    There should be more different translations available.


    Suggest it and, if they like it, they'll accept it. I've been contacted by the Dutch team a couple of times to let me know that they've accepted my suggestions.


    МЫ меня есть молоко, this is Russia after all.


    Wouldn't that mean "We me (there) is milk"?


    why is it "есть" and not "ест"??


    I wrote "У меня есть молоко. " and it told me the answer should have been "У меня имеется молоко." But it appears from the comments here that I am right. Any thoughts as to what happened?

    [deactivated user]

      Maybe some misspelling?

      Имеется is also correct, although it sounds much more formal to my ear.


      Why not я есть молоко

      [deactivated user]

        Because that would be an emphatic way to say ‘I am milk’ (although «Я — молоко» would be a more natural way to convey the same meaning).

        The structure of the Russian phrase is different from the English one:

        • у = at, near (a proposition indicating possession; used with Genitive-case form);
        • меня = me (Genitive-case form of я);
        • есть = [there] is
        • молоко = milk.


        That doesn't make any sense. It translates to "I there is milk." You need to use 'У меня' instead of 'я', and then your sentence is fine.


        I am not able to write in Russian as I have only English keyboarad




        Can someone break down this sentence for me?


        Literally, it means something like "to me there is milk" or "for me there is milk". But think of it more like "In my possession there is milk".


        u menya est (est' iest' jest yest....) moloko: impossible to write this "est". who can give me the answer, please???


        Are you using some sort of program that converts Roman letters to Cyrillic? I would think the apostrophe would be the one that would render the soft sign, but I guess not. Try some other punctuation items like the backtick or the asterisk.


        I see it as "in/with me there is milk" and well, it makes perfect sense


        Translation line says u menya yest' moloko is correct way to use English alphabet but is marked incorrect. What would be acceptable for duolingo since I do not have computer keys in Russian. Thank you.


        Why should it be y меня есть мопоко?

        I have milk should be

        Я есть молоко

        What is the point of y меня?

        That would translate as my have milk or I own milk.


        It's because of how Russian structures possessive sentences. Literally, the given answer means "By me (there) exists milk," which we rearrange as "I have milk."


        I put correct answer but several times you rejected it.Please can you answer me what is the problem because I can not go further......


        Several times in last three days I answered correctly "У меня молокo" but repetedly my correct answer is rejected and I can not go on.What I have to do? Can you help me to overcome this problem and to continue learning russian?


        does я есть молоко make sense


        No. I believe that'd be equivalent to saying "I exists milk."


        How to transliterate ECTb ? Please help


        Sorry, I'm not an english speaker! I have had the same problem. Now, i use the "clavier cyrillique", it is easy to write with.


        Read the thread and you'll find the answer you are looking for. Plus you might find some other interesting little tidbits of knowledge, as well.

        Always just assume that someone else has had the same question before you and that you can find it in the thread. You almost always can.


        u menya yest moloko .. why ist is wrong ??

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