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"Что такое опера? Это когда толстые люди поют?"

Translation:What is opera? Is it when fat people sing?

November 12, 2015



It ain't over until the fat lady sings.


yo, this guy can say "i have apples" in every language


My Duo's got humor. He's the giggle at the Russian course...


Take me to москва


It's so easy. Where are you from?


Why "такое"?
After some research, I found that что такое is a fixed phrase meaning "what is", and it is indeclinable:

what is opera...this opera — что такое опера ... эта опера

what is love...this love — что такое любовь ... эта любовь

what is a bicycle...this bicycle — что такое велосипед ... этот велосипед

what are bicycles...these bicycles — что такое велосипеды ... эти велосипеды

what is an apple...this apple — что такое яблоко ... это яблоко

what are apples...these apples — что такое яблоки ... эти яблоки

As can be seen, it doesn't matter what gender or number is involved - although asking about plurals can possibly be a bit more complicated.


LOL! I love this course more and more. Kudos to the Russian team!


well that's just rude... but this may be the only thing 90% of people know about opera, though, so fair enough?


There is nothing rude about that, he is not referring to a specific person. Its everyones own thing if theyre fat or not.


I actually sung this to the tune of DDT's "что такое осень"... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5KC-iscJtsI&ab_channel=navigator


Что такое опера? Это люди!
Толстые, поющие на сцене.
Люди апплодируют им после представленья
Опера... давненько там я не был.


And on a serious note - is there a reason why "Is this when fat people sing" was not accepted? I reported it, but if there's a reason, I'd like to know.


I was about to comment the same thing. I'll report it too.


Hey guys, I have no idea how long after your intial posts that I'm writing this. So, I'm not a native, but from what I understand, "Это" is not only the nom/acc form of "Этот" but ALSO can be used to simply mean "It is". And, in this instance, that appears to be the correct usage as "опера" is a feminine nominative noun, so it would have to be "Эта" (matching the noun's case and gender with the form of "этот") to produce a tranlsation, in this specific example, of "This is when" rather than "It is when".


ТостОй - это фамилия!

Люди - тОлстые!


This is a great sentence because I can imagine someone saying this. Also, I thought толстые meant Tolstoi at first.


I don't know.
от толстой собаки means "from the fat dog"

The words are so close, it makes me wonder how little Leo did in grade school.


I really like opera! Shame on you for your lack of sophistication, Duo!


"is this" should be accepted just as "is that"!


I do not agree with your translation into English!


X-D Ха-ха!!


Is this for real


Ugh, really? Making jokes at the expense of fat folks is...what's the word I want?...ah, discriminatory. And unkind.


Another popular definition of opera is when you've been at the yheatre for three hours, you check your watch and actually only three minutes have passed


In some senses of the word: "1. lacking sophistication or good taste; unrefined; 2. coarse and rude."

In American English, it also means "3. making explicit and offensive reference to sex or bodily functions" That doesn't fit.

I prefer the first two definitions, because they are he original sense of the word.

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